DT No.1 D7 Long-Lasting Android Smartwatch (video)


DT No.1 D7 has long battery life

A leading watch company, DT No.1, is going a bit retro with Android watch design in the newly released D7 smartwatch. Using just enough of everything to give a good watch experience without battery draining overkill, the new D7 is looking to become No.1 at longest life between charges. Mr. Ticks dives into every aspect of this watch in his latest video, which also includes a different watch User Interface.

 DT No.1 D7 has a dual-core processor

DT No.1 D7 Features

Welcome to a new direction for Android smartwatches. With a focus of optimal battery life, the platform for the No.1 D7 has been completely redesigned. First, the screen, which always takes the most power, and been reduced from 400×400 AMOLED pixels to a more ‘watch reasonable’ 240×240 regular pixels. On a phone that might be blurry, but on a smaller screen watch, it looks just fine, and uses way less power. The overall pixel density is close enough to render tiny text graphics readable.

Next, the processor has been backed off from a power hungry quad core super fast CPU to a more appropriate, dual core unit using Android 4.4 as the operating system. This matched and balanced combination squeezes even more battery life out for longer run time.

 DT No.1 D7 is an Android stand-alone smartwatch


Finally, the battery itself has increased in capacity from the typical 360 mAh stock size to a beefy 500 mAh unit, capable of pushing this watch even further.

 DT No.1 D7 has a 240 x 240 screen resolution

Bottom Line

This D7 watch is made for endurance, not speed. It is an adequate performer pulling in an Antutu score of 11,000. It should handle most Android apps without any noticeable lag or loss of speed. If this device meets it’s objectives, it just might be the watch of choice for folks needing at least two days or more between charges.