Zeblaze THOR Android Smartwatch Review

Introducing the Zeblaze THOR. A sporty flagship Android Smartwatch

Zeblaze THOR has tiny bezel

As the Android smartwatch continues to mature, the top models from the established companies show more quality and attention to detail. Such is the case with the new THOR watch from Zeblaze. The band has been improved, the clunky bezel seen on other watches is gone, and the feel is sleek, round, and ready. Have a look as Mr. Ticks takes us through an unboxing and first look at this impressive new sporty smartwatch.

Zeblaze THOR is an Android smartwatch

We haven’t heard much from Zeblaze after they released their first (and still only on the market) fully waterproof Android smartwatch, the Zeblaze BLITZ. Now Zeblaze has returned with another uniquely named watch, the THOR. It moves along the lines of Kingwear and Lemfo by introducing a 16GB total memory watch. From the packaging to the look and feel, this has everything in a fine watch, yet embraces a sporty nature with the dual color red/black band.


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