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Amphipac Waterproof iPhone Case

amphipac waterproof iphone case

Aquatic adventures are second to none. From swimming to surfing to snorkeling, some of life’s most spectacular sights are seen and experienced underwater. Naturally, there’s a desire to capture these memories, especially in a time when most of us are accustomed to bringing our phones along for the ride, taking and sharing videos and photos as we go.

Amphipac gives you full touch functionality

iPhones have amazing cameras but most aren’t waterproof and their screens don’t work underwater. Phone cases designed for underwater photography have very limited touchscreen functionality and aren’t intuitive. Users can access their camera, but nothing else. Other means of water based photography are expensive and require professional-level cameras.

Amphipac is a groundbreaking waterproof iPhone case that lets users take their iPhones underwater with them, connecting and sharing their memories instantly. It’s the first waterproof iPhone case that provides full touchscreen functionality underwater for up to 10 meters, or 32 feet, deep.
Amphipac take pictures underwater

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Waterproof iPhone case with full touch screen functionality launches on Kickstarter

Amphipac lets users take high-quality photos and access any app underwater

(Zürich, Switzerland, October 24, 2017) – Today, a Kickstarter campaign launched for Amphipac waterproof iPhone case, the first waterproof iPhone case that provides full touchscreen functionality while allowing for high quality photography underwater. It is now available for $79 USD on Kickstarter (retail price $149 USD).

Amphipac is a waterproof phone house that keeps out water up to 32 ft deep. Its ability to provide full underwater touchscreen functionality is achieved via two layers of durable clear film that form a low pressure air pocket. The pocket allows users to focus, pinch, zoom, and edit while immersed in water. It also features a 100mm scratch-proof dome that optimizes photo and video quality. The house is compatible with iPhones 6, 6S, 7 and 8.

“Touchscreens on other waterproof cases don’t work underwater because the software detects the entire area as touched,” said founder Theo Sandu. “Amphipac’s film forms a low pressure air pocket which isolates your touch. This way, users can access their entire phone underwater and have much better control over the quality of their photography.”

Amphipac is slick

Amphipac was formed on the premise that some of life’s most spectacular moments happen on or under the water, but can’t always be captured and shared. IPhones take great photos, but other waterproof cases have very limited touchscreen functionality. Most other means of water based photography are expensive and require professional-level cameras or don’t allow for instantly shareable images and video.

The case is made of polycarbonate, and is hard and durable while also being lightweight and buoyant. To use, simply place an iPhone in the case, close the lockable handle, and the silicone seal does the rest, preventing any water from seeping in. The compact design maintains a cool temperature for the iPhone within, and the case has no moving parts, making it easy to use.

Amphipac waterproof iPhone case lets users shoot video and photos straight to Snapchat, Instagram, and beyond, so they can be shared live as soon as they have an internet connection,” said founder Theo Sandu. “You can Snapchat your spring break party , post a close-up of your buddy surfing to your Instagram story, take filtered underwater selfies, or capture high-quality photos of fish while snorkeling. The possibilities are endless.”

The Amphipac campaign will run for a month, with a delivery date of March 2018. For a full rundown of the pledges, visit the Kickstarter campaign. Media wishing to interview their personnel should contact PR agent.

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