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    Epic ‘Something for Everyone’ Holiday Gift Guide

    Epic ‘Something for Everyone’ Holiday Gift Guide

    Courtesy of Zeiss Multimedia
    Courtesy of Zeiss Multimedia

    Ah, holiday shopping—the time of year when we go toe-to-toe, elbow-to-elbow and sometimes nose-to-nose with other merry-makers seeking out the season’s latest and greatest giftables. While throngs resign themselves to the chaotic “mall crawl,” it seems the majority of holiday shoppers will forego the parking lot laments and long checkout lines in favor of e-commerce convenience. In fact, during one August 2017 survey, it was found that fully 69 percent of respondents planned to shop for gifts online for the 2017 holiday season in order to avoid the holiday crowds in brick-and-mortar stores.

    For those online shoppers looking to ease and expedite their approach, I’ve curated an exciting collection of gadget gift ideas—from under-the-tree fabulosity to creative stocking stuffers to practical lifestyle enhancers—that are sure to make the recipient thankful for your thoughtfulness and generosity.

    This year’s categories are as follows:

    — For Home Entertainment Enthusiasts

    — For the Gadget Junkies

    — For Smartphone Addicts

    — For the Wanderers

    — For Food & Wine Aficionados

    — For Beauty & Style Seekers

    — For Fashion Devotees

    — For the Wellness-Seekers

    — For the Do-it-Yourselfers

    — For the Kids…and their Mommies

    — For Pet Lover

    So without further ado, here are this year’s top gift picks.

    ******** For Home Entertainment Enthusiasts ********

    Polk Signa S1 Universal TV Sound Bar & Wireless Subwoofer System ( – $199.95
    The Polk Audio Signa S1 sound bar offers one of the most advanced, room-filling home theater experiences on the market. . It’s designed to bring room-filling home theater experiences with a simple solution that is affordable and extremely easy to operate. It boasts several features such as one-button preset EQ settings, which are aimed at tailoring the listening experience to TV shows, movies and music. It also provides Bluetooth compatibility. Additionally, users can customize voice levels leveraging Polk Audio’s patented Voice Adjust technology, which reproduces clear dialogue.  This voice adjust mode allows users to actually adjust only the dialog, so you’ll never miss a word during action scenes again. At just two-inches tall, the Signa S1 features a performance-tuned driver array and supports Dolby Digital 5.1 decoding, all while remaining small enough to fit underneath a TV.

    Geemarc OPTICLIP TV Listener Headset ( – $99.99
    Can’t hear the TV without cranking the volume or just want to watch TV while someone else in the space does not? The wireless Geemarc CL7350 OPTICLIP TV listener headset lets everyone enjoy their favorite shows at a comfortable volume (up to 125dB spl) without disturbing others in the area. It lets users binge watch for up to six hours without needing to be recharged. An optional second headset and charger is available so users can watch TV uninterrupted while the other headset recharges. The Geemarc CL7350 Opticlip features optical input and auxiliary input for easier connection and superior sound quality. An integrated microphone lets the user hear conversations with the touch of a button. It has an 80-foot indoor wireless range and works easily through walls for total uninterrupted access. With it, the kids can listen to their shows without disturbing the adults, or vice versa, making it a must-have gift for a family.

    Sideclick Universal Remote Control ( – $29.99
    Snap the Sideclick Universal Remote onto your existing streaming player remote and control your TV, sound bar, DVD player, AND your streaming device all-in-one. This slim universal remote attachment for streaming devices allows you to control the basic functions of your TV and streaming device at the same time, on the same device. Compatible with Roku, Apple TV, Google Nexus Player and Amazon Fire TV devices, the device is easy to program using IR learning technology and can be programmed over multiple components. Programming occurs in just minutes as there are no complicated source codes. You’ll love that it makes accessing streaming apps quicker and easier for kids who will no longer need to fumble with multiple remotes to watch TV. Sideclick’s clip-on design attaches in a snap and allows users to utilize voice-search features which are lost in other universal remote options. It’s a thoughtful accessory for cord cutters and streamers.

    JBL LINK 300 Voice Controlled Bluetooth Speaker ( – $249.95
    The first portable Bluetooth-enabled speakers to merge JBL’s signature sound with Google Assistant, JBL LINK gives users rich, full-range audio and instant access to their favorite music with just the control of just their voice. The speaker provides a powerful listening experience, featuring high-definition music streaming and built-in Chromecast, which elevates the overall music listening experience. In addition to controlling music by voice, Google Assistant manages other smart, connected devices through the LINK, allowing users to dim the lights or stream Netflix to a TV. The LINK 300 creates an immersive experience, with bigger sound that fills even the largest of rooms. To enhance the multi-room experience, LINK speakers can be synced together to create an absolutely epic listening experience with intense, elevated sound quality.

    Harman Kardon Invoke Voice Controlled Speaker ( – $199.95
    The Harman Kardon Invoke brings together Harman Kardon’s audio heritage with Cortana by Microsoft, resulting in a beautifully designed speaker for the home. Crafted from premium materials, the Invoke’s striking metallic speaker cabinet delivers power and projects sound with proprietary 360-degree adaptive technology—seven microphones that recognizes all details of your voice commands from any direction. It uses Harman’s beam forming, echo cancellation, and noise reduction algorithms to ensure Cortana can hear you clearly, even in challenging environments. As your personal digital assistant, Cortana helps you stay on top of what’s important. With Invoke, you’ll enjoy captivating sound, can voice control music and a smart home, make and receive hands-free calls with Skype, get answers to your questions and more. Available in either pearl or graphite.

    ********* For the Gadget Junkies *********

    Jelly Cylinder Nano ( – $369.00
    This company has created one of the coolest pieces of living art. Envision something with the nostalgia and intrigue of a lava lamp, combined with the thrill of “living” art. Jellyfish Art has made the concepts of jellyfish tanks a simple reality for any home or office décor. These are interior-design-friendly, modern, cutting-edge aquariums. As an all-inclusive kit, the Jellyfish Cylinder kits include three sustainably aqua-cultured, live Moon Jellyfish and everything you need to set up the aquarium. The Jellyfish are express shipped directly to your door and are backed by a 10-day “Arrive Alive Guarantee.” These kits are a truly unique gift for the holiday season, especially for that person who seemingly has everything.

    Zeiss VR ONE Plus ( – $100
    The Zeiss VR ONE Plus virtual reality headset is the perfect gift for those why would enjoy feeling like they’re inside a video game or film, rather than just watching it happen on a screen. This virtual reality headset is designed for comfort and simplicity of use, combining premium optics with an appealing aesthetic. Simply slot in your smartphone and you are ready to go. The device offers hundreds of compatible app options—from videos, news, and gaming to exploring luxurious beaches in exotic locations—all from the comfort of your couch. For the kids, there are endless educational benefits with this headset, such as interactive and immersive learning. With the Zeiss VR One Plus there is nothing stopping you from getting out there and exploring the virtual world!

    Smartphone VR Headset with Earphones ( – $59.99
    The Smartphone VR Headset with Earphones from Sharper Image allows tech lovers to play their favorite games, apps and videos in 360-degree 3-D virtual reality using their own smartphone as the screen. Users will enjoy the light and sleek design featuring a built-in touchscreen button and integrated, adjustable earphones for an immersive experience. And, it’s compatible with the new iPhone 8.

    VRSE by Skyrocket ( – $59.99
    VRSE is an all-in-one VR gaming platform for kids ages 8+, bringing new, interactive game play with rich, immersive VR adventures at an accessible price. Play Jurassic World VRSE and fight off hungry T-Rex and Velociraptors or Play Batman VRSE and head to Gotham City to become Batman and defeat the Joker’s evil plot to take over the city. Story mode runtime lasts two to three hours, as well as mini-games that have endless replay value. VRSE offers best-in-class licenses and an easy, all-in-one package with a low cost of entry suited for kids. They’re a great gift that’s sure to provide hours of playtime fun! You can find VRSE at major retailers

    VIDBOX Video & Audio Converter ( – Starting at $49.99
    Parents and grandparents have chased family members around with a video camera much of their lives—at home, on vacations and during special events. Many of these memories are locked away in old VHS, VHS-C and Beta tapes that cannot be accessed with modern-day components. Enter VIDBOX Video Conversion, a gadget providing the software and hardware needed to convert VHS tapes, MiniDV, 8 mm film, 16 mm film, and more into a digital format, thus saving space, organizing your collections and, most importantly, saving your precious memories and enabling you to easily share them with others. Step-by-step pictorial instructions guide the user through the process, and supports both English and French languages. It’s also useful for music conversion. Cassette tapes, just like VHS, will weaken with age and cause distortion of sound. The VIDBOX Music Transfer Solution allows users to revive an old music collection by converting audio into MP3, WAV files, audio CDs and MP3 CDs. Available for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Vista, the music transfer software supports English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and German languages. The company’s software is compatible with either PC or Mac.

    CarryOkeBell ( – $89.00
    Know someone who just loves to sing and entertain? Or are you thinking of new and fun ways of entertaining at home or on the road this holiday season? Consider the gift of karaoke! VocoPro makes that easy with its CarryOkeBell device, the world’s first handheld, completely self-contained karaoke system. Home karaoke technology has evolved from bulky boom-box sized to systems like this that fit in the palm of your hand. VocoPro’s new CarryOkeBell is a truly portable karaoke system with the microphone, amplifier and speaker built into one easy-to-carry gadget. It has on-board digital mic effects to help users sound like a star, or to transform the sound of their voices using the voice changer with seven fun vocal effects. Karaoke enthusiasts can sing at home or on the road using Bluetooth technology and their own “smart” device to access favorite karaoke tracks online. Use this nifty gadget to turn any ordinary party or road trip into a fun-filled karaoke jam session!

    Motorola Talkabout T605 H20 ( – $119.99
    Motorola Talkabout T605 H20 two-way radios are ideal for water adventures when you don’t want to put your smartphone at risk or are out of cell phone range, like when camping, paddling hiking, fishing and even during cruise travel. Two-way radios are important for communication and safety in these and other instances. Motorola’s two-way radios feature NOAA weather updates and alerts on up to 11 different channels. The T605 H20 is completely waterproof and floats with its IP67 standard. In fact, the Talkabout withstands constant submersion of up to 1 meter for 30 minutes and repels the heaviest rain, so there’s no need to worry if it accidentally falls off the boat when fishing. It also comes equipped with white and red LED (to preserve night vision) and a handy carry case and car charger. With 22 channels and 121 privacy codes, totaling 2,662 combinations, it’s easy to find an available channel for your communication pathway. It’s also compatible with any radio on the market: you can communicate with other FRS/GMRS radios regardless of brand by being on the same channel and using the same privacy codes. Ranges are impressive: Mountain to valley: up to 35 miles; open water: up to six miles; and neighborhood: up to two miles.

    Torch Coat Heater ( – $99.95
    The Torch Coat Heater is a portable, battery-operated heating unit designed to fit in a clothing pocket. With it you can transform your jacket—any jacket—into a battery operated heated garment, and fight the elements in clothing of your choosing. With the use of snag-free Velcro, Torch can easily be removed from your jacket and transferred to others to heat every jacket you own. The Torch 2.0, the company’s Next-Gen Coat Heater, features more efficient heat pads, push button technology, a hidden battery pocket and a new 5V, 6000mAh power bank capable of operating the device for up to four hours, with the added capability of charging your cell phone. This wearable technology is available in three different sizes to accommodate different users and apparel items.

    Lasko’s Bladeless Ceramic Heater ( – $99.00
    Lasko’s Bladeless Ceramic Heater comes with exclusive heat channels for long-range heat projection, built-in safety features to keep children from harm, EZtouch controls and a multi-function remote control for easy and convenient operation. No need to get up from their couch or bed to maintain climate control. This heater also includes: an adjustable thermostat with an eight-hour auto-off timer, widespread oscillation that heats the entire home, dorm, or apartment and two quiet settings (high heat, low heat, and auto). An adjustable thermostat gives the user more control over the desired temperature in their room and the limited three-year warranty gives you peace of mind.

    Epson’s Expression EcoTank All-in-One Supertank Printer ( – $299.99
    The Expression ET-2750 EcoTank wireless all-in-one supertank printer offers revolutionary cartridge-free printing with easy-to-fill, supersized ink tanks. It includes up to two years of ink already included in the box—an incredible amount of ink that can print up to 5,200 pages: the equivalent to about 30 ink cartridge sets. Plus, it features auto-stop ink bottles with each color uniquely keyed for easy filling of each tank. You save up to 80 percent on ink with low-cost replacement bottles. The ET-2750 also offers convenient wireless printing from tablets and smartphones, plus Wi-Fi Direct and auto two-sided printing. This is a great investment for those busy computer professionals and students who use printers often, as it offers an economic alternative that helps with convenience and cost; two areas easily simplified with this one device.

    Mini Orion LCD Drone ( – $129.99
    Explore the night sky with the easy-to-fly Elite Mini Orion Drone—a 2.4GHz 4.5CH Live Video Feed LCD Screen RC Camera Drone that’s super fun and easy to fly—even for beginners! Powered by four rotors and with a durable lightweight body, the Mini Orion drone comes ready-to-fly with built-in flight modes to make exploring a breeze. Its fixed altitude feature locks on your selected altitude to make filming with the on-board camera smooth and easy, so the worry of misdirecting the machine and crashing it is almost eliminated. If you have any issues while in the air, you can choose between easy mode or return assist to help bring the Mini Orion back safely and unharmed. Remote aerial photography is made super easy. Enjoy complete flight control of this radio control drone with a smooth six-axis gyro and a dependable 2.4GHz transmitter. It’s a great gift for kids and adults alike.

    The Tile Sport & Tile Style Tracking Devices ( – $35.00
    Tile is a tiny Bluetooth tracker and easy-to-use app that helps you find lost items in seconds, making it a great gift for pretty much anyone on your list. Tile Style is where fashion meets function, attaching to your things so you never lose them…for long. Featuring a 200-foot range and the company’s loudest ring, Tile Style is a sleek and sophisticated accessory for those always on-the-go. With a convenient keyhole, the reliable device can easily loop onto items like keychains or bags to make these and other items you attach it to much easier to find. Tile Sport features a unique tread-like design with graphite and a dark slate finish that offers extra durability, so you can hook or attach it to anything you care about: keys, wallets, bags, and much more. The new Pro series boasts the company’s most powerful Bluetooth trackers to date with double the range and double the volume—plus it’s waterproof. Tile’s global community spans over 230 countries and territories—a network that helps users find more than two million items every day.

    Flipy ( – $39.98
    Flipy is a handy, patented iPad/tablet/eReader stand that works equally well with books and magazines. Most tablet stands are designed for either table top use or require you to move your legs up and down to achieve the correct reading angle. The Flipy is designed to hold your reading device at the proper angle without having to adjust your legs. It’s odd looking but seriously functional, designed by an optical engineer to provide three different optically superior viewing angles. It’s well made and weighs mere ounces.

    ASP Safety Set ( – $60.00
    The Safety Set is a unique and exclusive personal protection solution that combines three proven tools in an easy-to-carry system. The Palm Defender disables even the strongest attacker with police-grade, two million Scoville Heat Unit OC pepper spray. The Sapphire is a small, rechargeable and super-powerful LED flashlight that helps you see and be seen, and the piercingly-loud Alert Whistle makes sure you’re heard no matter where you are, indoors or out. All three elements attach to the included neck lanyard that has a breakaway clip for added safety. It’s a must-have for students, commuters, outdoor fitness enthusiasts and travelers. Note that the OC Defender ships with an active pepper spray cartridge inside, so use caution when opening. The company also has inert/test inserts available on their site for those who might want to practice using their Defenders.

    ******** For Smartphone Addicts ********

    Overland Universal Car Phone Holder ( – $59.00
    The Beebe Company’s Overland Universal Car Phone Holder is a clever and compact hands-free adapter for cars that will hold your phone in an ergonomic easy-to-see and easy-to-reach place—the CD slot. This will allow you to legally and safely use your phone hands-free for calls, navigation, and listening to music. With a universal design, it’s future-proof since the strong silicone bands stretch to fit over any phone and any case. It also works great vertically or horizontally, won’t block any of your windshield or vents like other adapters, and it installs and removes instantly without tools. What’s more, even though it shares the slot, you can still have the luxury of playing your favorite CDs while the holder is in-use. Unlike other holders, The Beebe Company Overland is handmade in America from rich leather that won’t scratch car surfaces or leave that annoying—and decidedly yucky—sticky residue on your vehicle’s interior.

    Ditto Vibrating Cell Phone Signaler ( – $39.95
    Know someone who is sick and tired of receiving seemingly useless notifications on their phone all of the time? Perhaps this person is you? Evening putting a phone in silent mode to avoid the influx of unwanted or tedious, non-essential messages, important notifications can be missed in the process. The Ditto Bluetooth Vibrating Cell Phone Signaler will allow you to pick and choose who you want to receive calls, texts and email messages from, It’s customizable with a free app, allowing you to pre-set important contacts like the babysitter or the boss, and not be bothered by every single phone call, text or email that comes in while doing other things…like watching a movie or conducting an important meeting Ditto allows you to select your desired contacts and will only alert you to those that you have specified in advance. The app is both iOS and Android compatible, and the console is available in black, white and clear.

    Gamevice ( – $79.99
    Designed for a phenomenal mobile gaming experience, the Gamevice is a portable controller that fits in your pocket and allows you to turn iPhone or Android phones and tablets into a portable gaming console. Gamevice features the same triggers, buttons, and joysticks as home consoles. With it, you can play hundreds of games including Minecraft, Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition, Assassins Creed, Halo, NBA 2K18, Final Fantasy and War Wings…just to name but a few. Gamevice also brings these precise controls and comfortable design to users of devices outside of games including drones, robots, toy cars, and more. This gadget is a great holiday gift for the gamer who is always on-the-go!

    ********* For the Wanderers ********* 

    The Airhook Airplane Tray Mount ( – $27.95
    Know a jet setter, or are you taking your own remote vacation this holiday season? Here’s an easy and effective way to facilitate more legroom on an airplane. The Airhook is a two-in-one solution for airplane travel comfort: a stable drink holder and a secure mount for electronic devices up to 8.5 inches tall. The collapsible system attaches to the tray table directly in front of passengers when it’s in the vertical, locked position. Designed to maximize legroom, the device uses the tray table as an anchor, rather than engaging it to lay horizontally across your lap is the typical platform position. With the Airhook, you can mount your entertainment at eye-level, and with easy access to a beverage—all without the strain of looking down at a screen for the duration of a flight. It also has a handy hook on which you can hang a sweater, earbuds and the like. It’s a clever invention helping travelers avoid feeling cramped and sacrificing space found with fold-down airplane trays.

    Marpac Rohm Travel Sound Therapy Machine ( – $29.95
    The Marpac Rohm Travel Sound Therapy Machine is another great gifting option for travelers or anyone who needs help sleeping in unfamiliar or noisy environments. It’s designed to mask noises anywhere, at any time. Rohm is a battery-operated device that creates a soothing, consistent sound environment for sleep, privacy, or to facilitate better concentration. Night or day, wherever you may be, Rohm lets you take control of your sound environment so you can live (or sleep) your very best life, uninterrupted. It has three sound options: bright white noise, deep white noise, or gentle surf. This sound machine is also great for masking unpleasant noises like snoring, hotel background noise, tinnitus (ringing in ears), and more. Wherever the user is staying during the holidays and beyond, they’ll want to take their Rohm on the road to sleep easier.

    Coby Waterproof Portable Handheld Bluetooth Speaker ( – $19.99
    If you know someone who loves to spend time at the pool or beach and loves to have their favorite music filling the air, or maybe they like to shower with their tunes, the Coby Speaker is a great option. This water-resistant, compact speaker has a built-in suction cup, perfect for use in wet environment and while on-the-go! Users can listen to favorite tunes while showering without having to step out to access any of the buttons, as you can use the speaker directly inside the shower. Featuring a rubberized, rugged exterior for ultimate impact resistance, the Coby Speaker is extremely durable. It’s also extremely easy to understand thanks to media shortcut keys that are within easy reach. It also features a built-in microphone and answer button so you can take speakerphone calls on it as well.

    myCharge Adventure Jump Start ( – $99.99
    Here’s a practical and very thoughtful gift idea that proffers much peace of mind: the myCharge Adventure Jump Start. Keeping a jump starter in your car is convenient for when your car battery is dead, eliminating the need to to wait around for roadside assistance—especially in isolated areas or regions experiencing severe weather. This rechargeable 6,600 mAh battery, which provides a jump start current of 200A and a peak current of 400A, is a powerful battery pack that can jump start most cars, trucks, boats and ATVs. Unlike other jump starters, myCharge’s solution fits in the glove box of your car. Plus, it has the ability to charge every day devices like smartphones, tablets and other compatible electronics through a USB-A port. This multi-faceted gadget will surely help you out in a pinch, wherever that may be.

    Keyport Pivot ( – $19.99
    This nifty gadget replaces your keychain and streamlines keys and pocket tools, also providing smart technology along with a built-in lost and found program. It’s part key holder, part Swiss Army knife, part lost and found. The Keyport Pivot reinvents the conventional keychain by consolidating your essential everyday carry items (like keys, USB flash drive, mini-flashlight, bottle opener, Bluetooth locator, pocketknife, etc.) into a compact, hi-tech key fob that attaches easily to any auto remote. Unlike most multi-tools, you will use this one on virtually every one of your daily adventures. Whether unlocking a door, securely accessing critical digital files, or opening your favorite beverage, Keyport Pivot is a universal access device. While it comes with a bevy of baseline tools, optional modules include Mini-Flashlight, Pocketknife, and BLE Locator w/LED (works with TrackR). To solve the biggest problem associated with daily carry items, which is losing them, the Keyport comes with a free 2-year subscription to KeyportID, its online lost and found service that boasts a “Reward If Found” feature. It uses the unique serial number engraved on each Keyport to connect owners and finders directly and anonymously with a click.

    ********* For Food & Wine Aficionados *********

    Knack Shop Gift Box Service with Online Ordering ( – Starting at $75
    Knack is a modern gifting company that allows customers to create gift boxes that match their passions. Create your own custom box, or use their pre-configured options. With the Golden Touch Cocktail Gift, you’re just a few shakes away from glamorous cocktails at home. This gleaming collection of happy hour accessories includes a gold-plated cocktail shaker and double-sided cocktail jigger, along with four metallic leather coasters in gold, copper, platinum, and pewter decorated with laser-cut geometric patterns. Another good option is The Cheese Course. This gift features a Brooklyn Slate Co. slate cheese board, a set of acacia wood and stainless-steel cheese knives, and a jar of “Girl Meets Dirt” heirloom quince cutting preserves. The 7″ x 14″ cheese board is packaged with a burlap bag alongside soapstone chalk and anti-slip padded feet. When you can’t send someone on a reinvigoring getaway, send it to them with the Just Breathe box—a lovely care package for relaxation and rejuvenation. The set includes Herbivore Botanical’s Coconut Milk Bath Soak, an air plant nestled carefully into a delicate sea urchin shell, a Paddywax Urban Concrete Amber & Smoke soy wax candle (mini matches included), and a spa-worthy natural sea sponge loofah. Any Knack gift box is sure to please.

    Aervana Luxury Wine Aerator ( $99.98
    Here’s a gadget that’s designed to help people enjoy wine at its best in an innovative, effective and fun way. The Aervana Luxury Wine Aerator helps people enjoy wine the way winemakers envision. It uses a patented, advanced one-touch process that provides proper aeration with half the effort. It’s reportedly the only wine aerator designed to keep wine sediment in the bottom of the bottle and not in your glass. It also helps reduce tannins, acidity and sulfides and pours a perfect amount of aerated wine with each and every glass—it works especially great with young, tannic red wines. With it, you can say goodbye to messy decanters or aerating time delays. The gadget also boasts a sophisticated, sleek modern aesthetic, food safe materials and takes just seconds to use. Pouring is so easy. Just press the button for a perfect amount of aerated wine—every time. With the Aervana, there’s no lifting, aiming, holding or spilling. The technology allowing the simple push of a button for instant wine aeration can give you more freedom to enjoy wine in any environment, in any quantity, quickly and easily. Cheers!

    Hand-Gilded Grapevine Wine Glasses ( – $70.00
    Entertain your guests in fabulous artisan style with stunning hand gilded grapevine wine glasses masterfully handcrafted in a third-generation workshop in Verona, Italy. Founder Amedeo, along with his two sons Valentino and Roberto, transform each grape wine glass into a work of art, no two glasses will ever be exactly alike. After applying stucco vines and leaves to the glass, a layer of color and gold leaf is added by hand. Once completely dry, each is hand polished to a gleaming luster. Large capacity measuring 8.5 inches tall and holding 20 ounces, this wine glass is a truly artful and elegant addition to your wine bar.

    Vivajennz Genevieve Wine Purse/Beverage Carrier ( – $74.98
    Speaking of wine, with this gift you can give someone the gift of freedom to go where they please without the sacrifice of leaving things—and their favorite beverage—behind with this purse designed by Vivajennz. Originally created by a mom to carry her autistic son’s organic juice, anything can go inside the replaceable three-liter BPA-free bag. Forget the heavy and fragile glass bottle and bottle openers, as you can carry your liquids of choice without breaking a sweat. Reduce your carbon footprint by filling your drink in the refillable bag. There are many different bag styles to choose from, and each has its own secret insulated compartment that holds your drink choice—wine, mixed cocktail, juice, alkaline water…all no problem. Additionally, a portion of each sale is donated to support autism services.

    Fizzics Waytap ( – $129.99
    Every wonder why beer tastes so good and fresh from the brewer’s tap, but doesn’t taste nearly as good from a can, bottle or growler? It’s the foam! Fizzics micro-foam technology dramatically improves the flavor, taste and mouth-feel of any carbonated beer—both bottles and cans. Fizzics Waytap is lightweight and durable for use at home, as well as outdoor activities like camping and tailgating. With this gadget you can share and enjoy the true taste of beer the way the brewers intended, whenever and wherever you want. The Fizzics Micro-Foam Technology leverages fluid dynamics and sound. Place a can or bottle of beer into the Waytap system, and then pull the handle forward to pour the beer under pressure at a controlled rate to maintain the carbonation within the body of the beer. Then push the handle backwards to begin the sonication process, applying sound waves to control the process of converting the beer’s natural carbonation into an ideal Micro-Foam, comprised of uniformed sized bubbles with the perfect density that delivers enhanced aroma, flavor and mouth-feel. It’s available in white, black and slate grey and only operates on four AA batteries.

    Grubhub eGift Cards ( – Prices vary
    Whether you’re celebrating the holidays, birthdays or sending a gift “just because,” Grubhub eGift Cards complement any occasion. They can be customized, paired with personalized messages and sent by email or printout. And they can be redeemed right away to easily find and order food from over 11 hundred U.S. cities whenever the craving hits. Grubhub eGift Cards never expire, and can always be used to order something delicious via their website or mobile apps. Simply type in your address to discover all the restaurants that serve your area for delivery or pickup. You can also search by cuisine, restaurant name or a specific menu item and they’ll filter the results accordingly. 

    ********* For Beauty & Style Seekers *********

    Men’s Precision Power Facial Hair Trimmer ( – $149.99
    Panasonic has introduced a premium Beard Trimmer, which was a winner of the 2017 GQ Grooming Award. The trimmer offers exceptional performance with its advanced blade that features a wider tip and a linear motor exclusively developed for beard trimming. The new blade’s wider design and Japanese stainless-steel composition catches more whiskers at once, creating sharp beard lines. Panasonic’s ER-SB40 Beard Trimmer also achieves the highest cutting speed by integrating a linear motor that offers constant cutting power from start to finish. It realizes smooth, efficient cutting without causing painful pulling or tugging of whiskers for comfortable hair trimming all the time. A length adjustment dial provides for added precision. It’s perfect for the men in the family.

    FreezeFrames Cool Care Eyewear ( – $89.95
    Don’t we all suffer from puffy eyes from allergies, beauty treatments, or fatigue? And, don’t we often hide our bad eye days behind a pair of shades? So, why not purchase one pair of sunnies that both hides and helps heal your eyes? Try this product created by a medical professional to nurse puffy eyes. FDA-approved and recommended by plastic surgeons, FreezeFrames Cool Care Eyewear provides UVA protection in combination with cooling eye therapy. The company claims other devices can’t effectively reach the recessed tissues, structures and nerves around the eye that trigger inflammation and pain, but FreezeFrames do. The secret treatment comes in reusable Gel-Pads that soothe the puffiness with gentle cooling compression customary of how a nurse might apply ice to swollen, symptomatic eye areas. Prior to use, freeze or put in a cup of ice for 20-60 minutes, then magnetically click Gel-Pads into place within the FreezeFrames casing. It fits most any face, male or female, and targets the lower and upper eye areas, and even the nose-bridge area for Botox users. Or, you can apply the Gel-Pads around the temples for headaches or migraines. The pads remain cool for the medical standard of ten minutes, and you can repeat as many times throughout the day as needed for 10-minute intervals.

    Panasonic Facial Ionic Steamer ( – $99.99
    This spa-quality Nano-ionic facial steamer restores the moisture in a user’s skin to combat the effects of dry skin that may result in fine lines and wrinkles. It produces ultra-fine steam—thousands of times smaller than a typical steam particle—for easier absorption. The warm steam also helps open pores to gently and easily assist in removal of make-up, dirt, and oil. Nano-sized steam particles help smooth and soften the skin, sloshing away any dirt or excess oil. It brings the spa facial experience home with a quick six-minute steam cycle and in a compact size with one-touch operation, for a fresher, softer feeling face. Anyone who wants to feel younger and revitalized would enjoy the Panasonic Facial Ionic Steamer.

    Simplehuman Touch Sensor Mirror ( – $200.00
    The simplehuman sensor mirror is great for makeup application and grooming needs. Under the wrong lighting, makeup colors can fool you. This 8-inch round, 5x magnification wireless pedestal mirror contains a tru-lux light system that allows you to see subtle variations in your makeup color so you’ll always know when your makeup is color-correct, day or night. It emits light that’s more than twice as bright and more closely simulates natural sunlight than other options on the market. Surgical grade LEDs provide the full color spectrum to show every detail, and specially patterned micro reflectors disperse light evenly so there’s no light loss or hot spots. Its easy-to-use one-touch controls also allow for easy navigation of a continuous range of brightness from 100 lux to 800 lux, and an on/off sensor detects when you are in front of the mirror so it lights up automatically as your face approaches. Designed for maximum adjustability, the mirror tilts back fully so you always have a clear, comfortable view. Also cordless and rechargeable with standard USB, one charge lasts up to 5 weeks.

    Onyx Youth Magnet Mask ( – $109.95
    Korean skincare scientists have worked for decades to create a solution to revitalize skin and reverse the aging process. The result of this manifests in the Onyx Youth Magnet Mask, which harnesses the power of magnetic particles to reveal smoother, brighter, younger-looking skin. Made in Korea with high-quality, all-natural ingredients, Onyx technology electromagnetically purifies the skin, leaving it cleansed, toned and hydrated. Onyx uses the healing properties of magnets to enhance the skin’s natural ability to rejuvenate itself, while the unique blend of amino acids, antioxidants and all-natural essential oils repair skin and minimize the signs of aging. Once the mask has been applied, an electromagnetic wand waved over the face magnetically draws out impurities. Whatever serum remains you just rub into your skin, leaving it rejuvenated and revitalized.

    FOREO’s ‘Our Little Secrets’ Gift Set ( – $139.00
    Here’s a gift set that has a bevy of tools to help you achieve flawless skin: FOREO and Tarte’s “Our Little Secrets” gift set that includes a LUNA mini 2 cleansing device, Tarte Brighter Days Highlighting Moisturizer, Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Deep Dive Cleansing Gel antioxidant complex and Tarte Drink of H2O Hydrating Boost. This gift set will keep everyone raving about that gorgeous glow. The LUNA mini 2 uses gentle T-SonicTM pulsations to eliminate impurities, removing 99.5% of dirt and oil as well as makeup residue and dead skin cells when used with Tarte’s gentle vegan-friendly, fragrance-free cleanser. Then, treat the skin to a tall drink of H2O, formulated with essential oils, hyaluronic acid and Tarte’s proprietary Rainforest complex. The cleansing device, plus the three additional products from Tarte that cleanses and hydrates skin, will leave it fresh and vibrant. And, the LUNA 2 device is completely waterproof and rechargeable. You can get up to 300 uses per one-hour charge.

    Nanoe Moisture Infusion Hair Dryer ( – $129.99
    Know someone who covets silky smooth hair? The Panasonic Nanoe Hair Dryer (model EH-NA65-K) is a great option. This dreamy dryer captures moisture from the air and infuses it back into hair with nanoe ions. The hair dryer also features three temperature settings—hot, warm and cool—to effectively style hair, while a cool shot button helps lock in hairstyles. It also comes with three attachments including a diffuser, set nozzle for precise styling, and a new quick-dry nozzle that is unique to Panasonic. With the quick-dry nozzle, air is dispersed throughout the head to create two sections of strong airflow in the center and softer air flow on the perimeter. A removable filter makes cleaning hair and dust particles easy. For anyone who enjoys creating unique styles, or just wants their hair to stay in place, this is a great, effective option. 

    ******** For Fashion Devotees ********

    Ambici Wooden Watch ( – $119.00
    Here’s a style item that exemplifies wearable art. Each Ambici watch is created from the highest quality hardwoods, giving each model a unique and elegant finish that only nature can offer.  To prevent the wood from shrinking over time and the crystal from cracking, each Ambici watch contains a metal inner casing to add both durability and water resistance. They also have an analog display with date function, and every watch is equipped with a sapphire crystal, which is the hardest transparent crystal used on watches. Ambici timepieces are designed to combine the benefits of wood watches and metal watches to make a quality product that will withstand the test of time, but without sacrificing style or eco friendliness. The company offers various options, including classic black wood, maple wood, red sandalwood and more. They’re also water resistant. Ambici offers free US shipping as well as ample 3 line engravings.

    Manly Bands Rings for Specific Personalities & Interests ( – starting at $85
    Finding a wedding band or a fashionable ring a guy will wear every day that is not cheesy, poorly made, or really expensive is not easy—especially when shopping for those who are decidedly style-minded. This is what makes Manly Bands so great. These unique bands are available for many different interests, personalities and budgets while still staying classy. They come in a wide variety of very unique and non-traditional tungsten and titanium options, with a full range of sizes from 5 to 17 (most stores don’t carry above a 12). Collections vary and include Chroma, Woodsman, Midnight, Steele and also Couples ring designs. For my part, the Woodsman collection captured my heart with options like “The Mountain Man,” “The Hunter,” The Surfer,” The Aspen,” “The Cowboy,” “The Angler,” and others that each employ materials specific to those interests and lifestyles. They’re truly gorgeous and will give him some swag. Plus, you can’t beat the prices that range from $85 to $200, making them much more affordable than your traditional jeweler or online store. Manly Bands also offers a full one year “no questions asked” warranty and a 30-day “We got you bro!” return policy.

    Trayvax RFID Protection Wallets ( – Starting at $19.99
    The Trayvax Element and Summit wallet designs offer a rugged take on a classic wallets. The Element design begins with a tough stainless-steel plate wrapped in top-grain oil-tanned leather, and secured with MIL-SPEC paracord. This slim wallet is packed with features, including a built-in bottle opener, integrated money clip, attachment point as well as RFID-protection to thwart identity theft. Trayvax’s Element is slim enough to slip in your front pocket and, while tough enough for any outdoor pursuit, it’s stylish enough for date night or to carry every day. The Trayvax Summit is a minimalist wallet that features their slimmest profile and most lightweight design. They start with cold-rolled steel coated in a durable melonite finish—a dark gray metal that’s decidedly industrial and masculine-looking. Next, they add an integrated money clip and MIL-SPEC nylon webbing to offer a simple wallet that carries the basics—just what you need: driver’s licence, money and credit cards. Built for any outdoor pursuit or for everyday use, the Summit offers RFID-protection as well. Both wallets have individual patents, are sourced and made in the USA and come backed by the Trayvax lifetime warranty.  

    Turquoise Jewelry Collection ( – Starting at $55.00
    Since 1996, the World Vision Gift Catalog has given people the opportunity to better the lives of children, adults and communities in the U.S. and around the world through hundreds of gifts in all different areas of need: clean water, food, education, sexual exploitation, job training and others. In fiscal year 2016, more than 112,000 people donated more than 274,000 items from the Gift Catalog helping people around the world.  This season’s gift catalog includes a set of fine turquoise jewelry with two different types of necklaces and a pair of earring that’s hand-crafted by artisans in Delhi, India. Through their artistry, they can support their families through fair-trade wages offered by the company itself. As for their wares, the Drops of Turquoise Necklace is a 20″ piece sure to stand out in any crowd. Alongside it is the Charm Necklace that, like the other Drops of Turquoise piece, is unique in and of itself—colors may vary slightly between each one. With a striking simplicity, the Drops of Turquoise Earrings complete this accessory group. It’s a lovely gift for yourself or someone you care about. Apparel ( – Prices vary
    Consider gifting affordable apparel from—or a gift card to this stylish site would do just fine. This site offers dresses of every sort that are fun, festive and downright gorgeous. Whether you want a short party dress, an A-line fit cocktail dress, sequins, velvet, or the latest cold shoulder trend, this site has you covered. And don’t forget that little black dress! There are even great business looks for the office. has thousands of inexpensive dresses to choose from.  In fact, they claim to be the largest online retailer of special occasion dresses nationwide, with more than 3,000 total styles available. Quickly browse looks with their easy-to-use online search tool. The company takes pride in offering beautiful, high-quality dresses at reasonable price points that make the occasions in your life all the more special. Having been in business for 16 years, Simply Dresses is proud to provide super stylish, top-quality dresses from a trustable platform.

    ********* For the Wellness-Seekers *********

    Oska Pulse Pain Relief Device ( – $399.99
    Oska Pulse is a brand-new pain relief health-tech device. Entirely wearable, it can fit in pockets, purses or backpacks as a solution for men and women of all ages who have minor aches and pains. This includes back and knee pain, chronic fibro pain, and other aches and pains. It’s for anyone in need of relief. This is a small, portable, wearable pain relief device provides benefits without the use of drugs, and thus there are no side effects. The science behind it is interesting. When cells are injured or have degenerated, they lose their electrical potential and are no longer able to exchange ions, causing inflammation and pain. The Oska Pulse works by using optimized PEMF to restore the electrical potential cells need to receive nutrients and oxygen, which stimulates cellular regeneration. This relieves pain and activates the body’s natural recovery process. The device is perfect for use after workouts, yoga, running, tennis, golf, travel or just working all day on your feet. The company was the winner of the 2017 Tech.Co Startup of the Year Award, in partnership with the Consumer Technology Association.

    Airfree Air Purifier Onix 3000 ( – $299.00
    The Airfree Air Purifier Onix 3000 is great for anyone with allergies, immune system issues, or anyone who just prefers to breathe clean, fresh air. The device is effective against bacteria, viruses, mildew, mold, dust mite allergens, pet allergens, pollen and eve tobacco odors. The company claims that they are the most tested and proven in effectiveness on the market. Airfree’s TSS technology offers an exclusive and patented solution that’s completely silent. It has no fans or turbines and does not require any maintenance or replacement parts, so it doesn’t generate any waste. Breathe clean air again and promises its consumers that a good night’s sleep is guaranteed. The unit combines high efficiency with an award-winning design that complements your home décor—and without the noise.

    Desk Jockey Thick and Dense Seat Cushion ( – $69.99
    Here’s another thoughtful and practical gift—one that’ll keep giving all year through. Whether at a desk, driving and traveling, or just lounging around, we sit so much each day. But, what good is a seat cushion without support? Desk Jockey’s Extra Large Seat Cushion is a super-comfortable option providing that support. It’s made with 100% clinical, therapeutic-grade memory foam that’s extremely dense. It works perfectly for users weighing more than 200 pounds, actually accommodating up to 500 pounds. The company’s proprietary foam formulation is molded into an extra wide, extra thick, and expertly contoured cushion that’ll make any seating area feel brand new. Designed to last, it’ll never go flat—the company guarantees it. And the removable/washable cover means you can keep it looking and smelling great for years.

    Nox Music Smart Sleep Light from Sleepace ( – $149.99
    A Bluetooth speaker, smart light and alarm all in one—the Nox Music Smart Sleep Light is designed to monitor, track and improve sleep quality. The Nox Smart Alarm function will help you fall asleep easily with soothing light and sound, and also allows you to wake up naturally. To get you to sleep, the technology is designed to produce red wavelengths, which can raise the secretion of melatonin, while delicate, soothing sounds are played to help you drift off. The Sleepace App it interfaces with will tell Nox to turn off once you’ve fallen asleep. When connected to the Sleepace App, a user can program the alarm to wake them at the lightest part of their sleep cycle. Within half an hour of the set alarm time, the gentle hue of a natural sunrise will shine and soft sounds make for a more restful start to the day. The light actually emits over 16-million color combinations to provide illumination that lulls sleepers into deep relaxation. With the data collected from the Sleepace app, users can make smart suggestions to improve their sleeping experience. Additionallly, a wireless Bluetooth speaker with stereo sound allows you to play your favorite music from compatible devices. Also cool is that free gesture controls let you perform many tasks like adjusting LED color, volume, lamp brightness and more.

    Sleep Number PlushComfort Ultimate Pillow ( – Starting at $49.99
    Pillows are key to a good night’s sleep, and the hunt for the “perfect pillow” seems to never end. But, the Sleep Number PlushComfort Ultimate Pillow is changing the game and makes for a great gift option. This is because it’s a great pillow for anyone since three removable inserts provide individualized support and pillow height that can be adjusted—for preference and as sleep needs change over time. The product has a three-sided zip to easily change out the inserts, and is great for all sleeping positions, Use 1-2 inserts for stomach sleepers and 2-3 inserts for back or side sleepers. Silky-soft and hypoallergenic, this down-alternative pillow offers microfiber fill to mimic the softness of premium down. A smooth, brushed cotton cover provides plush comfort and support.

    Smart Nora Snoring Solution ( – $299.99
    Here’s a gift for yourself or someone who can’t seem to sleep without “sawing logs”—to the noisy dismay of all within earshot. Smart Nora is the world’s first smart, non-invasive snoring solution that actually stops snoring before it wakes your sleeping partner—or disrupts your own slumber. As you begin to snore, this innovative, contact-free snoring solution silently and gently moves your head using a lightweight, padded insert that sits under your pillow. This slight movement of the head stimulates the throat muscles, allowing the airway to assume its natural position and stop the snoring. Smart Nora’s thoughtful design eliminates the need for any contact with the user’s head or face. Having been introduced to the market in 2017, Smart Nora has improved sleep quality for tens thousands of couples around the world. It was even named as one of Oprah’s Favorite Things for 2017.

    ********* For the Do-it-Yourselfers *********

    Arrow Fastener Staple & Glue Guns ( – Starting at appx. $18.00
    If you’re looking for some ideal DIY gifts to put in your family stockings this holiday season, be sure to check out Arrow Fastener. The company has led the way in staple gun quality, performance and innovation since 1929. Whether you’re a pro or a novice do-it-yourselfer, they offer manual, electric or pneumatic tools perfect for your projects. I personally love their iconic model T50, which is America’s best-selling staple gun. If you’re looking to fix things around the house, Arrow’s breakthrough cordless T50DCD electric stapler is another great choice. With it, you’re free to work on any project anywhere in your home, without being tied to an outlet. Of course, there’s no better time to show-off your crafting chops than holiday time, and whether you’re interested in home décor ideas or handmade gifts, all you need are easy-to-use tools and a little old-fashioned know-how. Arrow also has glue guns for any size project. Their brand new GT12M MiniPlus model features a removable cord so it can also be used wire-free for up to five minutes before having to reheat. And their new GT300 Pro High Temp Glue Gun is heavy duty and durable. So, for the do-it-yourselfer or the decorating-obsessed, an Arrow product is a perfect gift to help make crafting or home repair projects a little bit easier.

    Toolcard Pro Multi-Instrument ( – Starting at $28.00
    A great option for the handyperson in your life is the Toolcard Pro from Lever Gear. This multi-faceted device packs a whopping 40 tools into a one ounce, credit card-sized multi-tool. Made in America from 420 Stainless Steel and TSA compliant, it’s durable, practical, and ready to carry wherever you go. There’s almost no project that this innovative gadget isn’t able to tackle. It’s rife with tools including an assortment of different wrench types, screwdrivers, rulers, can openers and all of the nuts and bolts required for daily tasks. You can even add a money clip as a stylish accessory to complete the feel of a true hard-worker. Sleek and accessible, the tough tasks of today will get a whole lot easier thanks to this nifty instrument. True Paint Matchmaker Window Shades ( – Prices vary
    With Blindsgalore’s True Paint Matchmaker online tool, you’ll be able to find a Blindsgalore cellular shade to perfectly match or compliment virtually any paint color imaginable. So go ahead, plan an epic room redo reveal as a gift this holiday. The customization wizard works with over 10,000 different colors across five major paint brands. All you have to do is enter the color name or number you’re looking for. From there, Blindsgalore will find you a nearly perfect match and also come up with three complementary color choices. Home décor shopping is made so much easier with this user-friendly online platform at, which takes the worry out of home shopping.

    ********* For the Kids…and their Mommies *********

    smarTfold Foldable Stroller/Trike ( – Starting at $99.99
    The new smarTfold is the ultimate portable combination stroller and trike. It’s 85% smaller when folded and is the perfect travel companion that easily stores in cars, planes or even cluttered hall closets. smarTfold not only exceeds the portability of most strollers, it simultaneously allows a tricycle to travel in ways never imagined, to simply go everywhere you can go. Just fold ‘n store, then unfold ‘n go. The revolutionary quick-click design requires no tools to assemble, and enables folding the trike while it stays intact, just like a stroller. It’s not just a ride-in/on, it is a scalable “grow-with-me” hybrid product. Featuring seven or eight distinct configurations (depending on the model), smarTfold offers a unique construction that contributes to the growth and advancement of a child’s motor skills by transforming to support any toddler at every stage of their development, from six-months to three-years. As a trike, smarTfold elevates the experience of riding by creating new and exciting ways for toddlers to explore and discover the world around them, all while developing their confidence, curiosity and imagination. Kids’ Sneaker Subscription Service ( – $20/mo.
    EasyKicks is the first and only kids’ sneaker club that takes the hassle out of shopping for fast-growing kids. Members have access to brand new Nike and Converse kids’ sneakers for just $20 a month. It’s very easy to join: just go to, fill out the child’s profile and help them choose the perfect pair of kicks. The sizes range from 4c to 7y. It’s also super convenient as the company sends the ordered shoes in a personalized box directly to your door. Once the shoes are worn out, become too small, or they’re just ready for a new style, you order the next pair online, send back the old ones in the prepaid envelope that’s provided with each shipment, and EasyKicks will recycle them for you. People have the ability to “Give the gift of EasyKicks” where friends and family can purchase subscriptions for their loved ones, so it’s a great gift option for families.

    ********* For Pet Lovers *********

    SitStayGo PET DINETTE & Leash ( – $29.99
    SitStayGo PET DINETTE & Leash is a unique all-in-one system that allows pet owners to conveniently pack all of their walking essentials so they can grab n’ go with ease. Not only is it great for walks or hikes, but road trips and plane trips as well. It’s also ideal for a kitty in transit! Simply unhook the leash and you have everything you need for a trip with your feline! It has dishwasher safe and food-grade plastic serving/storage bowls—reinforced with stainless steel and rust-proof screws—that hold up to 10oz of water, food and treats; or you can use them as storage and carry what you need. It also has the diameter to hold credit card, license, or spare house key. If water is all you need, just carry one bowl with the flask. The spout is easy to refill at sinks and fountains. Some additional features include a strong 5-foot nylon leash and rubber handle, the water vessel detaches for cleaning, you can attach your own waste bag dispenser and it includes reflective tape for night walks.


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