Facebook Lite Simplifies Social Media

Facebook Lite, available for Android only as it stands, has officially reached the states. Facebook originally built the app specifically for those in developing countries, who have slower internet. With an APK of less than 1 megabyte in size to install, people can download it in seconds, regardless of how sluggish their internet connection is.

Comparing the regular Facebook app to the lite version, the regular Facebook app on Android has a download size of 63 megabytes, and when in use, you can accumulate a ton more megabytes collected in the cache. Facebook is far more optimized, and does not fill up your cache nearly as fast. You can also use the Facebook Lite app to remove any unnecessary app files through the app itself, a feature that isn’t available on the Facebook app.

Facebook Lite has many features

Also with Facebook Lite, you still have access to all of the basic features, like editing your profile and groups, liking posts and photos, searching people and posting to a timeline. There’s also special features such as view stories, add your own stories, find and look up information on local businesses, follow others, save photos to various photo albums, and RSVP to local social events. What you can’t do with Facebook Lite is access features like Marketplace, Live and Watchlist, but it’s perfect for scrolling through feeds and viewing notifications.

Now granted Facebook Lite’s interface is definitely stripped down, but as mentioned, it takes up next to know data room and it even works on 2G networks. At the top, you have what looks like a toolbar with your search tool, notifications, Messenger Lite, friend requests, settings and notifications. The navigations are the same as well, so it’s easy to get used to. Additionally, the photos are also as clear as they would be on the regular Facebook app.

Facebook Lite is useful for people with slow internet connections

Facebook Lite is obviously not as robust as the regular Facebook app, but it’s perfect for those who are looking for a less storage-heavy and less saturated version of Facebook. If you’re looking to go back to the basics, Facebook Lite is a perfect option.