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FoldiMate – It Folds Your Laundry For You


If you really hate folding laundry, then this robotic device might just be the thing for you. A California based company has managed to develop a machine that will fold your laundry for you; it’s called FoldiMate.

FoldiMate is based on the dishwasher idea in that the dishwasher does the hard part, the cleaning, and you do the easy part, filling it up and putting the dishes away. With FoldiMate, you simply clip each item onto the machine and it does the folding for you. You just keep feeding the items until the neat pile of folded items is released at the bottom. The company tested it out and have seen that it can fold twice as fast as manually folding. I don’t know about you, but it folds much neater than I could ever fold.

And while we are on the topic of washing dishes, FoldiMate is currently running a poll on their Facebook page and asking what chore you hate the most. If so many people hate folding laundry, just imagine the size of the market for a laundry folder! We wonder why it hasn’t been invented up till now.

FoldiMate can fold most laundry items such as different types of shirts and tops, pants, medium sized towels and pillowcases. It’s good for clothes from age 6 up to XXL. However, this version won’t fold those dreaded fitted sheets and pair your socks, but it looks like the company is already off to a good start. Who knows what they’ll manage to accomplish in the future.

While initial units are estimated to cost between $1,500 – $2,000, the company is looking to reduce the price to around $1,000 when they start mass manufacturing. You can find all information about the FoldiMate, as well as join the Pre-Order Waitlist via the main website, by clicking here.

FoldiMate is also running an equity crowdfunding campaign right now, so if you’re in investing in this startup, now’s your chance. There’s only a short time left to invest. Head over to www.seedinvest.com/foldimate/bridge and learn what it’s all about.