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    Stay + Play Wireless Fence by PetSafe Review

    Loving your pets means giving your pets freedom to enjoy your yard safely. There’s now a new way on how you can let your pets experience your yard securely without the cost and hassle of a traditional wooden yard fence. With PetSafe’s Stay + Play Wireless Fence system your dog can enjoy the safety of a fenced yard without the hassle of buried wires or the maintenance of an expensive above-ground fence.

    This wireless fence offers any dog owner four main advantages that allow the owner to easily train his/her dog. PetSafe’s Stay + Play Wireless Fence offers an effortless installation; installing the fence takes between 2-3 hours and no special tools, skills, or assembly are required. With some quick adjustments, dog owners can change the size or location of the boundary, by simply adjusting the boundary width control settings or location of the transmitter.

    PetSafe’s Stay + Play Wireless Fence is both affordable and expandable, meaning that wireless is a much more affordable option when compared to traditional and above-ground fences. The rechargeable batteries in the receiver collar will also save you more in a long-term scenario than some in-ground fences. Lastly, the Stay + Play Wireless Fence by PetSafe is portable and compact, meaning you can take your wireless fence with you, wherever you go. Its small size makes it perfect for traveling. All you need to do is plug it into an outlet and set up the flags for some quick dog training. The system takes between 2-3 hours to recharge.

    Here’s how to set up the device. Dog owners just need to set up the transmitter at the center of their pet’s boundary area. After it’s plugged in, the system will start transmitting a radio signal, creating an invisible boundary that extends 105 feet in all directions. Owners will then fit the receiver collar on their dog. When their pet reaches the boundary of the defined pet area, the receiver collar gives a warning beep before delivering a safe static correction through the receiver collar’s contact points. This allows dog owners to train their dogs to stay in the pet area. The boundary flags will act as a visual cue that will let the dog understand where the boundaries are. The collar’s warning beep is an auditory cue that reminds dogs to stay within the boundaries.

    PetSafe’s Stay + Play Wireless Fence works with every single dog. The collar features 5 levels of correction and the adjustable electronic signal make this wireless dog fence perfect for dogs of all breeds, shapes, and sizes. This wireless fence system also works with multiple pets. While the kit comes with 1 waterproof receiver collar, dog owners can always have an unlimited number of dogs within the wireless fence system by purchasing additional wireless fence receiver collars.

    The Stay + Play Wireless Fence is a great system for as long as the collar lasts. Not only it has the advantage of offering mobility at any time, but it can also prove to be life saver. This will help any dog owner to teach their dogs to stay within a determined area, preventing them from running away and getting lost, as well as avoiding any road accidents. With this system, any dog owner can train their dog in short and fun 15-minute sessions. Training dogs is really easy for any dog owner that uses the Stay + Play Wireless Fence by PetSafe, and dogs usually learn to stay within the boundaries in only 2 weeks.

    The Stay + Play Wireless Fence by PetSafe ultimately gives your pets the freedom to play safely at home. It’s portable and compact, meaning dog owners can take it with them on vacations, camping trips, or even a permanent relocation. If you’re interested in getting your very own Stay + Play Wireless Fence, one unit goes for $315. You can find it at PetSafe’s online store, by clicking Here.

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