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    Ryobi P747 ONE+ Dual-Function Inflator/Deflator – Part of the 18V ONE+ Collection

    If you’re looking for a new Inflator/Deflator that you can use to inflate/deflate air mattresses, pool toys, tires and sports balls, then the Ryobi P747 18V ONE+ Dual-Function Inflator/Deflator might be just what you need.

    Just over a year ago, Ryobi Tools released its Ryobi ONE+ tools collection (during June 2018), the world’s largest 18V Home Maintenance Tools System. The main feature that this entire collection has to offer is that all of its tools have the same battery compatibility.

    That’s right, all the tools from this collection use the exact same removable, portable, rechargeable 18V ONE+ battery. This means that whenever you get the battery down to 0% on whatever ONE+ tool you’re using, all you have to do is get a battery from a different ONE+ tool, and worry about recharging both of your batteries later.

    The Ryobi Tools brand in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand is owned by Techtronic Industries of Hong Kong, an original equipment manufacturer for brands such as Craftsman, Milwaukee, AEG (AEG Powertools, licensed from Electrolux), Ryobi, Homelite, Hoover US, Dirt Devil, and Vax.

    One of the many great tools that are part of the amazing ONE+ 18V tools collection is the Ryobi P747 18V ONE+.

    Let’s have a detailed look at everything it has to offer.


    The Ryobi P747 18V ONE+ is a Dual-Function Inflator/Deflator. You can use it to inflate and/or deflate literally anything you can think of. Use it for high-volume inflation/deflation of large inflatables such as air mattresses or pool toys, or for high-pressure inflation of car tires and sports balls.

    Ryobi P747
    Ryobi P747

    The Ryobi P747 is a cordless Dual-Function Inflator/Deflator that’s designed with convenience in mind, allowing you to use it virtually anywhere. The device features a sturdy built, meaning its built to last, but it’s not as heavy as you would think, weighing only 2.9 lbs.

    This Dual-Function Inflator/Deflator comes equipped with an easy-to-view precision digital display screen/gauge at the center of the device, allowing for accurate pressure readings displayed in PSI (pressure unit).

    Ryobi P747's Digital Screen for PSI readings
    Ryobi P747’s Digital Screen for PSI readings

    The Ryobi P747 also features a total of 4 buttons that are located at the center of the device. Its two lower buttons – the (-) Button and the (+) Button – allow you to increase or decrease the pressure in PSI, while its two upper buttons – the Change Mode Button and the Start/Stop Button – allow you to change the device’s operating mode and start or stop the device.

    This cordless Dual Inflator/Deflator offers a High-Pressure Operating Range of 0-150 PSI. It works as a High-Volume Inflator, offering a flow rate of 7.2 SCFM, but it can also be used as a High-Pressure Inflator, featuring a flow rate of 0.49 SCFM at 35 PSI.


    Inside their package users will find their Ryobi P747 18V ONE+, which also stores a ton of attachments, including: a High Pressure Hose, a High Pressure Nozzle, a Presta Valve Adaptor, a Sports Ball Needle, a High Volume Hose, and a Pinch Valve Nozzle.

    Ryobi P747 - Attachments
    Ryobi P747 – Attachments


    Easy Storage

    As it was just previously stated, the Ryobi P747 18V ONE+ comes with its own storage system, working as a storage unit to safely store its attachments.

    Storage System
    Storage System

    Autofill Shutoff

    The Ryobi P747 18V ONE+ also offers its users autofill shutoff for hands-free inflation.

    Autofill Shutoff
    Autofill Shutoff

    Extended Durability & Ease of Use

    The Ryobi P747 18V ONE+ comes equipped with a brass threaded tire chuck for increased durability and ease of use.

    Extended Durability & Ease of Use
    Extended Durability & Ease of Use

    Battery Compatibility

    As it was also stated before, all the tools/products that are part of the Ryobi ONE+ tools collection work/are compatible with the exact same removable, portable, rechargeable 18V ONE+ battery. So, the Ryobi P747 is no exception, coming with its own 18V ONE+ removable, rechargeable battery.

    This allows you to focus on acquiring each and every product that’s part of the collection slowly, and at different times, which ultimately provides you with more battery power for each one of your tools whenever you have to do some house maintenance.

    Removable, Portable, Rechargeable 18V ONE+ Battery
    Removable, Portable, Rechargeable 18V ONE+ Battery

    Then, after you use multiple batteries for one single tool throughout your “house work day”, just recharge them all when you’re done and don’t even worry about which one goes into what tool. All Ryobi ONE+ tools are compatible with all 18V ONE+ batteries.

    That’s simply the best feature the entire collection has to offer: 100% battery compatibility, ease-of-use, and quick and fast house maintenance. Simply amazing!


    The Ryobi P747 18V ONE+ Dual-Function Inflator/Deflator is part of the amazing ONE+ 18V tools collection. This is a cordless Dual Inflator/Deflator that can be used for high-volume inflation/deflation and high-pressure inflation.

    The device comes equipped with a digital display screen that offers accurate pressure readings in PSI, as well as 4 easy-to-use buttons for an easy operation. The best part about it is that it is compatible with every 18V ONE+ battery, a removable, portable, rechargeable battery that comes with each tool that’s part of the 18V ONE+ collection.

    Ryobi P747 ONE+ Dual Function Inflator_Deflator

    If you’re interested in getting this Dual-Function Inflator/Deflator, each Ryobi P747 18V ONE+ will cost you $50 only. That’s a very accessible price considering everything this device has to offer, especially when thinking about starting your own 18V ONE+ tools collection. The device also comes with a 3-year warranty.

    You can get yours right now by accessing Ryobi Tools’ official website, and access the corresponding shopping page.

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