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    Rolling Square inCharge 6 – The Swiss Army Knife of Cables

    Rolling Square inCharge 6 – The Swiss Army Knife of Cables

    If you’re looking for a universal cable input solution that lets you charge all of your portable devices, then take at the Rolling Square inCharge 6.

    This handy universal cable connector was developed by Rolling Square, a Switzerland based company that’s focused on creating innovative tech. products with premium quality that offer extreme functionality at an affordable price.

    Having the inCharge 6 is like having the ultimate Swiss Army Knife of Cables. No matter what type of cable input you might need to connect and charge your portable devices, the inCharge 6 is simply bound to have it. The company recently announced this amazing connectivity solution on the American crowdfunding website Indiegogo. Their crowdfunding campaign is about to come to an end, which means the product will soon be officially released.

    Let’s take a look at this awesome universal connectivity solution and see exactly what it has to offer.


    The Rolling Square inCharge 6 is a single everyday carry cable that allows you to charge all of your portable devices whenever needed. The inCharge 6 is made of high-quality materials that make it ultra-tough.

    incharge 6 universal cable review
    inCharge 6 – Durable Design

    This multi-connectivity solution is also extremely small and was designed with convenience in mind, making it the best key-ring cable you’ll ever find. You can easily carry it in your keychain, right next to your keys.

    incharge 6 universal cable review
    inCharge 6 – Designed as a Key-Ring

    This universal cable connector is equipped with 4 different cable inputs to offer you all the connectivity possibilities you’ll ever need. On one side of the cable you’ll find a USB input that when bent reveals a USB-C input. On the opposite side of the cable you’ll find a USB-C input that when bent will reveal a DUAL Lightning + MicroUSB inputs.

    It’s important to note that the inCharge 6 also supports USB-C fast charging, but that will obviously depends if the device your looking to charge it with also supports it.

    incharge 6 universal cable
    inCharge 6 – Multiple Connectivity Possibilites (1)
    incharge 6 universal cable
    inCharge 6 – Multiple Connectivity Possibilites (2)


    Charge & Sync

    The inCharge 6 features both charge and sync, allowing you to quickly transfer all of your data/files from your portable devices to your computer, as well as charge them when connected to your PC or Laptop.

    incharge 6 universal cable review
    inCharge 6 – Charge & Sync

    Power Transfer Support

    This universal cable input solution also supports power transfer from one smartphone to another, or even from one smartphone to any other type of portable devices.

    This allows you to charge your wireless earbuds, smartwatch, and more – literally anything you can think of that’s compatible with USB, USB-C, MicroUSB or Apple Lightning inputs.


    The Rolling Square inCharge 6 is simply the best universal cable input solution you’ll ever find. This key-ring cable easily fits your keychain and features 4 different cable inputs to offer you all connectivity possibilities, as well as Charge & Sync and Smartphone Power Transfer Support.

    This versatile solution can even be used with USB Wall-Charger Adapters. It’s simply amazing.

    Rolling Square inCharge 6
    Rolling Square inCharge 6

    The inCharge 6 is currently available in 3 different color models: Mercury Grey, Moon White and Saturn Gold.

    incharge 6 universal cable review
    inCharge 6 – 3 Different Color Models

    There is also a longer cable version of this amazing multi-connectivity solution called the inCharge 6 Max which gives you 5ft. (1.5 m) of total cable length, allowing to have some extra mobility when needed.

    incharge 6 universal cable
    inCharge 6 Max

    If you’re interested in getting the Rolling Square inCharge 6, supporting Rolling Square’s Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign with a minimum of $47 will give you access to the “Super Early Bird” Perk, which will bring you three (x3) inCharge 6 key-rings and two (x2) inCharge 6 Max cables.

    You can guarantee your “Super Early Bird” Perk right now by accessing Rolling Square’s Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, which you can do by clicking this link.

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