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RoboRock S6 MaxV Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner – Full Review

Smart robot vacuum cleaners, which are also often referred to as “Roombas”, are autonomous robotic vacuum cleaner units that feature intelligent programming capabilities powered by a somewhat limited vacuum floor cleaning system. With these smart robot vacuum cleaners, busy working people can have their limited leisure / relaxation time ensured. As such, these smart cleaning gadgets allow users to leave their weekly house cleaning unattended so that they can ultimately have some time for themselves instead of having to worry about constantly cleaning every nook and crevice around their homes, each and every single week. This brings us to the RoboRock S6 MaxV.

The RoboRock S6 MaxV is a state-of-the-art smart robot vacuum cleaner that was just recently released by Roborock, a tech. company that’s highly specialized in the research, development, and production of robotic home cleaners and other cleaning appliances.

Not only does the company periodically develops and produces robot vacuums under its Roborock brand, but it also creates robot vacuums for one of China’s largest technology companies, Xiaomi. Ultimately, the company’s smart robot vacuum cleaner models are designed to fulfill a singular purpose: To give people more time to spend on the things they love, whether that’s recreational time spent with their loved ones or time alone, or accompanied by family and friends on their favorite outdoors activities, all while having a smart vacuum cleaner running at home doing their “no-longer unattended” weekly house cleaning for them.

Now, back to the RoboRock S6 MaxV Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner. This smart vacuum cleaning robot features dual cameras that let it detect obstacles and estimate their location and size to reroute its course around them, all while its infra-red imaging lets it see in the dark. Its ultra-quiet motor works at 64db to provide a silent, yet strong suction for a deeper clean, while its electronic water tank makes mopping an easy task.

Additionally, the RoboRock S6 MaxV can be further configured via its dedicated Smartphone Companion App (simply named the Roborock App), which allows users to configure the robot’s cleaning for specific rooms, as well as its exact cleaning sequence, all while its Amazon Alexa integration enables voice controls.

Now, let’s have a more detailed look at the RoboRock S6 MaxV and check everything that this smart vacuum cleaning robot has to offer.


Starting with the smart robot vacuum cleaner’s design, the Roborock S6 MaxV features a very modern and minimalist look. The entire unit features a very compact design, as the S6 MaxV stands just as low and sleek as any other of the company’s previous smart vacuum cleaner robot models.

As such, the unit measures just 13.89 inches long by 13.77 inches wide by 3.79 inches tall (353 x 350 x 96.5mm), which is exactly what allows this smart vacuum cleaning robot to easily slide under sofas or any other tall furniture piece without any obstruction, and then easily clean the floor under those pieces.

I should also mention that for any time that you find yourself having the need to carry the unit upstairs to clean your home’s upper rooms, you should know that the unit is just slightly bulky, as it weighs just 8.2 lbs.

Furthermore, the S6 MaxV Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner also features a sleek matte black body that’s equipped with rubber sides to protect the unit from any unexpected bumps. However, unlike some of the company’s previously released robot vacuum cleaning models, the S6 MaxV is only available in one color: Black.

Moving on to the smart vacuum cleaner’s components, the S6 MaxV comes equipped with a set of “tech-powered” dual cameras that allow this cleaning robot to accurately detect any obstacles within its customizable cleaning path (done via the Smartphone App – discussed at the very end of the article).

These dedicated dual cameras are exactly what allows the smart robot vacuum cleaner to perfectly estimate any surrounding objects’ location and size so that the unit can ultimately reroute its cleaning course around them. Additionally, the S6 MaxV also features infra-red imaging, which allows this smart vacuum cleaning robot to accurately see everything in pitch dark rooms and seamlessly navigate around them.

Furthermore, this smart vacuum cleaner also comes equipped with a built-in ultra-quiet motor that works at 64db to provide a silent, yet strong suction for a deeper clean.

Speaking of suction, as this is the company’s most recently released smart vacuum cleaner, the S6 MaxV offers its users up to 25% more suction when compared to any older smart robot cleaning models. The S6 MaxV comes equipped with an upgraded HyperForce airflow design that can generate up to 2500Pa of Suction Power.

This ultimately allows users to achieve a deeper cleaning around their house’s floors, which can be especially useful for carpeted floors.

Thanks to the S6 MaxV’s super strong Suction Power of 2500Pa, this smart vacuum cleaner can easily snatch any food particles that might’ve been spilled around your kitchen’s floors (like oatmeal or any other crumbled bits of cereals), as well as any loose dirt and/or gravel that came attached to your family members’ shoe soles. The same goes for all of that unwanted dust that constantly makes its way to our houses in an annoying fashion and any pet dander that ends up getting lost on your precious floor, which slowly gets pushed to your rooms’ corners and under your furniture pieces.

As such, this makes the RoboRock S6 MaxV the perfect smart robot vacuum cleaner for any pet owner that loves their pet(s) but hates having to constantly vacuum their home’s floors due to loose pet dander.

However, it’s still worth to mention that the S6 MaxV is not ideal for high-pile carpet, as particularly plush carpets can end up creating suction/clogging problems for some robovac units.

Still, for users that only have a couple of carpet squares and/or rugs around their homes, the S6 MaxV shouldn’t have a problem, as the unit should automatically increase its suction power whenever finding itself unable to clean a carpeted area. Furthermore, the smart vacuum cleaning robot will also disable its mop function whenever it enters a No-Mop zone (like carpeted floors for example) and all those can be configured within the robot’s Smartphone Companion App (discussed at the end).

At most times, the S6 MaxV should manage fine when cleaning over carpeted areas, but just remember to pay attention to your unit whenever it climbs over an “overly plushy” carpet.

Now, speaking of climbing, the S6 MaxV also comes equipped with a set of durable, strong, rolling wheels that are powered by the unit’s silent motor, and these allow the robot to seamlessly climb any short obstacles on its cleaning path, like door sills (also called door sill plates) for example.

Additionally, like most other RoboRock models, the S6 MaxV Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner also as the ability to mop, and as such, it comes equipped with an electronic water tank that makes mopping a super easy task.

This water tank is a 300 ml water reservoir, which works very well together with the robot’s dedicated mopping pad. The robot’s water tank can be easily removed and re-attached thanks to its dedicated safety-lock (located at the top middle of the unit’s water tank).

The unit also comes equipped with a removable 460 ml dust bin that’s perfect for vacuuming various debris types, like rests of food, dust particles, pet dander and more, as mentioned earlier. Moreover, the S6 MaxV also integrates a E11 rated washable HEPA-Type filter that allows the unit to easily capture up to 95% of home particles, which will then be stored onto the robot’s 460 ml dust bin.

The fact that this HEPA-Type filter is washable ensures that the robot’s filter can be ultimately used for a longer period of time before users even have to think about replacing it.

Lastly, the bottom side of the S6 MaxV features a spiral bristle-style central brush (located between the wheels) and a rubberized side spinning brush that pulls any debris within the robot’s cleaning path to its suction system.

As with other Roborock vacuums and mopbots, you can easily remove the unit’s brushes, filters and cloths for a more thorough cleaning.


The S6 MaxV’s interface features a similar design to previously released RoboRock models. As such, the top of this smart vacuum cleaning robot features just 3 simple quick-touch control buttons, which are a Spot Clean Button, a Power On/Off and Clean Button, and a Home Button.


Just like all other Smart Vacuum Cleaner units available on the market, the RoboRock S6 MaxV also comes equipped with a long-lasting rechargeable battery.

For this model specifically, the company equipped its brand-new RoboRock S6 MaxV with an extra-large 5200mAh rechargeable battery that can offer up to 180 minutes of maximum runtime.

That can be translated to a maximum vacuuming area of 2580 sq. ft., which should be more than enough vacuuming area coverage for most homes.

As the Roborock S6 MaxV is a recently released state-of-the-art smart robot vacuum cleaner, it only takes the unit just a bit over half an hour to clean around 30 square meters of cleanable floorspace, as that will only consume around 15% of the unit’s battery power. As such, battery life will most likely never a problem for most users.

When set to Quiet Mode, the S6 MaxV will work at a weaker Suction Power than its maximum suction value (2500Pa) and the unit will have its motor working at just 64dB of noise level, but thanks to those lower levels of power consumption, the smart vacuum cleaner will also be able to clean your house for a maximum of three hours (180 minutes) of runtime.

To simply put it, setting the unit to Quiet Mode will allow users to have their smart vacuum cleaner vacuuming their homes with a maximum cleanable floorspace that can go up to 2,580 square feet (240 square meters) and mopping their floors up to 2,150 square feet (~200 square meters) on a single water tank and charge, but those numbers will only be achievable when using a low water flow.

Therefore, if users decide to increase the S6 MaxV’s flow of water (and the same goes for its suction power, i.e. setting the unit to its Max Suction Power of 2500Pa), you can expect that those numbers will certainly drop.

Ultimately, those 180 minutes of runtime should be more than enough for users to simply carry the S6 MaxV upstairs (on multiple-floor houses) and have it do its thing without having the need to bring the dock upstairs along with the unit.

Recharging the unit is also super simple, as all you have to do is configure your S6 MaxV Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner via its proprietary Smartphone Companion App (the ) to return to its electric-powered Charging Dock at a specific “low-level” (a low percentage) of battery power, but the unit will also do that on smaller cleanable areas as soon as they’re clean, even if it still has some battery power remaining.

The unit’s Charging Dock / Station comes accompanied by a Moisture-Proof floor mat that allows the units wheels to always stay completely dry, which ensures that they can ultimately last as long as possible.

It’s also worth to mention that when cleaning very large spaces, thanks to its “Smart Top-Up” Cleaning Algorithm, this smart vacuum cleaning robot will always make an estimation of the required amount of power that’ll be needed to clean the remaining uncleaned area.

That being said, if the unit ever detects that it will need some extra battery power to finish cleaning an area or that’ll run out of battery while cleaning a larger space, it will first return to its electric-powered Charging Dock for only as long as it needs, allowing it to get just enough battery charge to finish cleaning your configured area.


Inside their package users will find: their RoboRock S6 MaxV Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner, one (x1) included HEPA-Type Filter Replacement, an attachable Mopping Cloth and Sink Accessory, one (x1) included cleaning tool, the robot’s Charging Dock and Moisture-Proof floor mat, and the unit’s User Manual.


Reactive AI (Artificial Intelligence)

For the first time, the company (RoboRock) decided to partner up with Qualcomm, and that led the company to use its new partner’s (Qualcomm’s) dedicated APQ8053 Lite chipset for its RoboRock IoT products, and that obviously includes the RoboRock S6 MaxV Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

This Qualcomm APQ8053 chipset ultimately allows the S6 MaxV to leverage Qualcomm’s Vision Intelligence 100 Platform for an on-device computation, empowering the unit with its ReactiveAI Technology capabilities, which is powered by the robot’s dual cameras, which can accurately detect any obstacles within the smart vacuum cleaning robot’s customizable cleaning path and perfectly estimate those objects’ location and size to trigger the unit to reroute its cleaning course around them.

This is a feature that will make any pet owner extremely happy, as this smart tech. capability allows the unit to always be extra-sensitive to your pets’ little “gifts” and make a wide berth around them.

While many pet owners can first be quite skeptical about buying a smart vacuum cleaner, as they’re mostly afraid that their smart vacuum cleaning units will basic “paint” their home floors after running over / unsuccessfully avoiding pet poop, you’ll be very happy to known that the S6 MaxV will never do that, as it will always detect your pets’ “disasters” when having its App’s “Pet In The Home” setting enabled.

This “Pet In The Home” App Setting is exactly what increases the S6 MaxV’s “objects-detection” sensitivity to ultimately help it improve its detection and “pathing” strategies for avoiding pet waste. However, for users that don’t have any pets living with them, then you can obviously turn this setting “Off” within the robot’s Smartphone App.

As mentioned before, the S6 MaxV also features infra-red imaging, which allows the unit to accurately see everything in pitch dark rooms and seamlessly navigate around them.

High-Precision Lidar Navigation

The S6 MaxV Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner is also empowered by a High-precision LiDAR navigation system that allows the unit to very efficiently plan its cleaning route/path for both day and night based on advanced navigation and recognition algorithms.

Basically, that’s done by having the unit create accurate digital models of your home, which the robot will simultaneously learn while it cleans your home so that it can accurately recognize and automatically navigate within each and every of your home’s rooms.

Easy-to-Use Voice Commands

By using Alexa and the Roborock Plus skill or even Google Home, users can use comprehensive voice commands to control their S6 MaxV smart vacuum cleaning robot unit.

As such, all you’ll have to do is add the Roborock skill to Alexa or pair the Roborock App with Google Home, and you’ll be ready to start talking to your very own dedicated cleaning butler.


As mentioned at the beginning of the article, the RoboRock S6 MaxV cleaning features can be further customized by using Roborock’s powerful Smartphone Companion App, which is simply called the Roborock App, which can be downloaded for free for both iOS and Android devices.

Customizable Settings

Via the Roborock App, users can very easily set multiple cleaning schedules, configure their S6 MaxV robot to clean specific rooms with “No-Go Zones” (forbidden zones – like a baby room for example, so that newborn babies are not disturbed), “Invisible Walls” (to have the robot go around a central room – like a kitchen or living room), and “No-Mop Zones” (zones that will never be mopped), as well as customize different water flow levels for multiple cleaning schedules, and much, much more.

Intelligent Mopping

Thanks to the robot’s built-in high-capacity 297ml electronic water tank SnapMop system (which makes the robot suitable for mopping homes up to 2150sqft), you can schedule mopping routines within the unit’s dedicated Smartphone App, which features advanced mopping features like the ability to set different water flow levels for specific rooms.

Smart Tracking for Components “Life-Time” & Cleaning History

Additionally, the App also tracks the usage of each of the robot’s cleaning components (meaning brushes, filters and cloths), and so, you’ll always know in advance when those need some maintenance or whenever they need to be replaced.

Lastly, the app also keeps a log of your cleaning history.


The RoboRock S6 MaxV is a smart vacuum cleaning robot that features a 56db ultra-quiet motor, dual cameras for accurate object detection and navigation, infra-red imaging for navigating within dark rooms, 2500Pa of Suction Power, Voice Commands Support for Alexa and Google Home, customizable Cleaning Settings via the Smartphone App, and much, much more.

If you’re interested in buying the RoboRock S6 MaxV Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner, each unit is currently going for $750. You can order it online right now, either via RoboRock’s official shopping page, or by accessing its corresponding Amazon’s shopping page (which Roborock is also partnered with to sell its products). Clicking any of the links will take you to RoboRock’s corresponding shopping pages for its RoboRock S6 MaxV Smart Vacuum Cleaning Robot.

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