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    phonetag – Multi-view Phone Stand with Magnetic Ring Holder

    We all know just how hard it can be for our sometimes-slippery hands to properly and confidently hold our Smartphones. Sometimes, either because of not grabbing your phone entirely or simply because you misjudged the force you used when grasping your Smartphone you’ll end up experiencing that unfortunate event of having to witness your Smartphone being the victim of an unexpected drop, and with that, comes a potentially damaged or completely broken screen. However, by using a simple, yet ingenious Smartphone accessory like the phonetag, you can easily avoid any future Smartphone drops and also have a more reliable way of setting up and positioning your phone at a proper viewing-angle.

    The phonetag is a simple, yet very useful Smartphone Accessory that’s designed to work both as a Smartphone Holder and as a Multi-view Phone Stand.

    While its built-in Ring Holder offers Smartphone users a better way of holding their Smartphones with confidence and without ever dropping their devices, the phonetag’s built-in Adjustable Phone Stand can be easily opened to set up your Smartphone’s viewing-angle in either a Portrait (Vertical) Position or in a Landscape (Horizontal) Position so that you can get a hands-free experience while video calling or while watching anything on your phone’s screen (like videos or movies).

    Additionally, since this Multi-view Phone Stand also features a concealed magnetic plate, that also allows users to have this Multi-view Smartphone Stand conveniently attached to any magnetic mounts, and that goes both for car magnetic mounts or home-use magnetic mounts (the ones you’d typically have at your kitchen, bathroom, office, or bedroom for a hands-free Smartphone experience).

    Now, let’s have a more detailed look at this simple, yet very handy Smartphone Accessory and Multi-view Phone Stand and check out everything that this cool gadget has to offer you.


    Starting with the phonetag’s exact size, this Smartphone Accessory comes at a very, very compact and ultra-slim design, measuring just 1.3 inches long by 2.2 inches tall by just a measly 0.15 inches thick (34 x 55 x 4 mm).


    Thanks to its compact and ultra-slim design, you’ll still be able to easily slide your Smartphone right into your pocket or into any bag / purse, and that’s simply because after attaching the phonetag to your phone, your device will only have an extra 0.15 inches to its size in thickness. As such, it will still be very easy for Smartphone users to conveniently pocket their phones at any time.

    Moving on to the phonetag’s construction, this Multi-view Phone Stand features a very durable, yet still reasonably lightweight zinc-alloy body, which also features very soft and perfectly rounded edges. Thanks to that, you’re ensured to never hurt your fingers while your installing or using this Smartphone Accessory on your phone. Not only that, but thanks to its lightweight body, this Multi-view Phone Stand won’t add much extra weight to your phone’s original weight, which means that you won’t have to face the typical bulkiness-problem that some other phone accessories on the market usually have.

    Additionally, this Multi-view Phone Stand’s zinc-alloy body also features a vacuum-plated finish that gives this Smartphone accessory some extra durability. Furthermore, at the bottom right corner of the stand you can also find the company’s laser-engraved logo, which gives the whole unit a very elegant design overall.

    Moving further on, we’ll now have a look at the phonetag’s Smartphone Holder functionality. As mentioned earlier, this simple smartphone accessory comes equipped with a built-in Ring Holder that offers Smartphone users a better way of holding their Smartphones, thus ensuring that you’ll never again find yourself accidentally dropping your phone.

    Basically, this Ring Holder can be flipped-opened up to a 90º degree angle, and thanks to that, it can easily work for people with larger hands. Furthermore, the Ring-holder’s opening is sized at 25mm diameter, so it definitely offers a generous fit for most hand-sizes.

    Not only that, but the unit’s Ring Holder can also be easily rotated around in a circular-motion, all the way in a 360º degree angle, so you can easily hold your Smartphone at whatever angle you require.

    Now, we’ll also have a look at the phonetag’s Multi-view Phone Stand functionality. As stated before, this simple smartphone accessory also works as a Multi-view Phone Stand. That’s because of the fact that its built-in Ring Holder can also be used as an Adjustable Phone Stand.

    Basically, while the phonetag’s Ring Holder comes equipped with a friction hinge that offers the perfect stand mechanism for Portrait (Vertical Position) and Landscape (Horizontal Position) Viewing Modes, integrated right at the bottom of the Ring Holder itself we can also find a special rubber foot, which ultimately ensures that users get the best phone-stand experience possible without ever seeing their phone dropping flat on a table (or any other flat surface).

    As such, thanks to the phonetag’s built-in Adjustable Phone Stand, users can easily open up this Multi-view Phone Stand Smartphone Accessory and set up their Smartphone’s viewing-angle in one of two different Viewing Modes.

    Users can go for a Portrait Viewing Mode (Vertical Position) at either a 60º or 45º viewing angle, or alternatively, go for a Landscape Viewing Mode (HorizontalPosition) at either a 85º or 50º viewing angle to ultimately get a hands-free experience while video calling or while watching anything on their phone’s screen (including videos, movies, or any other type of content).

    Lastly, concealed within the phonetag’s rotating base, we also have a built-in Magnetic Plate that allows users to have this Multi-view Smartphone Stand conveniently attached to any magnetic mounts.

    Firstly, that would obviously include almost any car magnetic mounts, which makes this multi-use phone accessory great for any time you’re driving your car, as it would allow you to have an easier use of your Smartphone while staying better focused on the road ahead.

    Secondly, this would also include any home-use magnetic mounts, meaning the ones you’d typically have at your kitchen, bathroom, office, or bedroom for a hands-free Smartphone experience.

    As such, whenever your hands are tied, the phonetag’s concealed magnetic plate still allows you to have a smooth hands-free Smartphone experience while you simultaneously stay focused on other tasks at hand, whether that’s cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, finishing some office work, or even while you simply read a book and enjoy some of your favorite tunes on your Smartphone.


    The phonetag is a very handy Smartphone Accessory that’s designed to work both as a Smartphone Holder and as a Multi-view Phone Stand.

    Overall, this simple, yet ultra-versatile Smartphone Accessory makes using your Smartphone a better experience. While this accessory is designed to eliminate any accidental phone drops by simply offering you a better way of holding your phone, its Multi-view Phone Stand functionality and its concealed Magnetic Plate improve your Smartphone user-experience to a whole new level.


    The phonetag is currently available in 3 color models: Matt Black, Matt Silver, or Matt Rose Gold.

    If you’re interested in buying it, each unit is currently going for $23.68 (£16.98 – already accounting with the £4.99 shipping fee).

    You can either get it right from the company’s official shopping page, or alternatively, for US users that are looking to get a slightly cheaper shipping fee, you can get yours directly from Amazon at $14.99 each (keep in mind that shipping fees will obviously change based on your country and state). Simply click on either one of the two provided links to go to the corresponding shopping pages for the phonetag.

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