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Spleash Leash – Multi-Purpose Dog Leash Handle w/ Water Compartment

When going for dog walks with your dog, most dog owners would know that a few unexpected surprises can happen. Whether your dog gets a bit thirsty and decides to make a run for the nearest puddle, water fountain or pound to quench his/her thirst, or whether you and Fido find another pup that’s off his leash and a bit too energetic, there’s one simple, yet super-handy pet gadget that can make you better prepared for any future dog walks with your dog. Meet the Spleash Leash.

The Spleash Leash is a versatile multi-purpose dog leash handle equipped with a water compartment that can be used to quench Fido’s thirst as well as to keep off-leash dogs away with a simple and safe water spray.

With it, dog owners can have a quick and reliable way of quenching Fido’s thirst during their dog walks, as well as a great way to ensure that their dog(s) can stay hydrated at all times and easily avoid any heat strokes, which is in fact one of the most common problems for dogs during the summer months, especially when living in hot and/or humid climates.

Additionally, thanks to the Spleash Leash’s built-in water-spray nozzle, this dog leash handle also features a water-spray function with a 14-foot range, which basically also makes dog owners able to keep any other overly curious and potentially dangerous off-leash dogs away from their four legged friends.

Overall, the Spleash Leash can make your dog walks more comfortable and less stressful, which ends up making this cool dog leash handle a great and ultra-versatile tool for dog owners to go on dog walks with their dogs.

So, let’s have a slightly more detailed look at it and check out the Spleash Leash’s design and also have a look at its cool functionalities.


Starting with the Spleash Leash’s size, this versatile dog leash handle comes at a standard size, meaning the typical size of many other dog leash brands that you’d currently find available on the market.

Spleash Leash
Spleash Leash

Now, for the dog leash handle’s design, the Spleash Leash features a very minimalist and sleek design, and also comes in very discrete colors.

This dog leash handle is solely built of high-quality materials and features a very durable build with a nice smooth finish, thus providing dog owners with a comfortable, yet very solid grip on their leash, and that goes especially for larger dog breeds as well as for any pups that tend to pull just a bit more than normal.

Moving on to the leash handle’s components and functionalities. Starting with the dog leash’s main functionality, meaning it’s dog-leash handle purpose, this leash handle comes equipped with a small removable cylinder-shaped lock attachment that allows dog owners to easily install / attach their dog leash into the leash handle itself.

Thanks to that, dog owners can integrate pretty much any type of leash that they currently use as their dog’s leash, and then lock it safely and tightly into the dog leash handle.

Regarding this dog leash handle’s compatibility, the Spleash Leash can fit most standard size leather, rope, or nylon leashes that you can currently buy.

As mentioned earlier, this ultra-versatile dog leash handle also comes equipped with a built-in and decently sized water compartment that can hold up to 12 oz. of fresh drinking water.

Spleash Leash
Spleash Leash

Additionally, the leash handle also comes equipped with a medium-sized flip-open water dish (meaning a flip-open bowl-like cup attachment) that can be easily flipped open from the handle’s external shell.

Spleash Leash
Spleash Leash

Thanks to it, dog owners can simply open up the leash handle’s water compartment and conveniently draw water from the handle’s built-in water-spray nozzle right into its flip-open water dish, which basically provides them with an easy way of keeping their dogs hydrated while their on-the-go.

Lastly, and as stated earlier, this dog leash handle also integrates a built-in water-spray nozzle (found right above the leash handle’s water-compartment secure-opening) that offers dog owners a spray functionality with a small water spray that can go up to 14-foot in range.

Spleash Leash
Spleash Leash

While this small and safe-to-use water-spray nozzle is completely harmless to other dogs – since its just a small jet/squirt of water – it still allows dog owners to be able to protect both themselves and their dog(s) from any other overly curious and potentially dangerous off-leash dogs and keep them away from their four legged friends.

Not only that, but this convenient water-spray functionality can also be used to clean off Fido’s paws whenever they get a bit too playful in dirt or mud or even to simply quench Fido’s thirst for any dogs that prefer to drink from a water-spray source instead of drinking from the leash handle’s integrated flip-open water dish.


The Spleash Leash is a versatile multi-purpose dog leash handle equipped with a water compartment that can be used to quench Fido’s thirst as well as to keep off-leash dogs away with a simple and safe water spray.

Spleash Leash
Spleash Leash

Overall, this multi-purpose dog leash handle provides dog owners with an easy and reliable way of keeping their dogs hydrated while also equipping them with a nice way of protecting themselves and their pup(s) from any other potentially off-leash dogs.

You can get your Spleash in one of two different color models: Black and Orange, or alternatively, Black and Light Blue.

Spleash Leash
Spleash Leash

If you’re interested in buying it, each dog leash handle is currently going for $34.99 (no matter what color-model you decide to go with). Not only that, I’m very pleased to say that, according to the company, a portion of each Spleash Leash sale will also be donated towards a domestic abuse support organization that works with dogs, which is something really nice to see from a pet-product company.

You can order your Spleash Leash online right now, directly from Spleash’s official shopping page, which you can access by clicking here.

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