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How to Find Out the Owner of the Property in 5 Minutes

When someone new moves in the house right next to you, there’s a sense of apprehension. You don’t quite know whether they bought the house, are on rental or are decent people. So, before extending your friendly neighbor gesture, you must look into such people.

Even if you intend to invest in a property, knowing all about it is important. There were more than 3.2 million fraud and scam reports made to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in 2019. These accounted for an estimated loss of $1.9 billion.

You can’t ask people blatantly about their ownership details. However, there is an alternate way to find out who lives at an address on CocoFinder. In a very remote and discreet manner, you can check ownership details in less than 5 minutes.

Know Owner through CocoFinder

If you try to find someone’s ownership by visiting authorities or asking directly, this inquisition will not be received well. However, you can avoid all this hassle if you have the right platform in place to do the same.


For instance, you can check someone’s address or ownership data through CocoFinder. The web based platform is being used throughout the world to garner requisite information. You can find extensive and exclusive data about someone in less than 5 minutes.

Benefits of Using CocoFinder

There are a plethora of benefits of using CocoFinder. The platform works in a web-based fashion and ensures that you can access it from any desktop, laptop or device with browsing facility. However, there are other core reasons why you should use CocoFinder:

100% Authentic Data

You can rely upon the data that you extract out of CocoFinder. This is because the details, data and information are very authentic. CocoFinder extracts information only from verified pages. There can be no second doubt about the veracity of this information.

Immediate Data

You can attain immediate data with CocoFinder. In less than 5 minutes, you can know the ownership details. If, on the contrary, you try to extract this data out of other traditional sources, the process can be long and tedious.

The immediacy of data retrieval is one of the core highlights of CocoFinder. It is rather bewildering how can a platform run the statistics through many sources and get results so soon. Surprising, but true!

Compilation of Records

In addition to giving you ownership data, CocoFinder ensures that all relevant data of multiple sources are compiled. So, what you end up getting is a very well organized and compiled data and juicy information about someone.

Access Public Records

All you need to do is search someone on CocoFinder and you can get any and every vital information about them. You can access all sorts of public records and data. It is a unified platform that covers any and every public and social platform.

You can see things like someone’s criminal record, ownership details, credit score, marital status, etc. You can also get juicy details about the individual. So, all you need to do is to run a search and you will derive the data immediately.

Knowing the Owner of a Property

Knowing the rightful owner of a property you know about can be information that can be sought in a matter of a few minutes. However, you need an apt platform for the same. You can’t just expect to extract public records through traditional methods of inquiry.

Firstly, traditional enquiry methods take a toll on your time and patience. Secondly, in some cases, you also need to provide a letter from the individual that they have no objection to it. Either ways, its not worth the time and energy.

On the contrary, CocoFinder provides this amazing opportunity of knowing the owner of a property almost instantaneously. The below mentioned processes can be used to find out the owner of a property:

Reverse Address Lookup

The reverse address lookup feature in CocoFinder helps in attaining immediate results. If you have more information about the individual, you can enter the same. Even vague information about the individual or the address can lead you to very concrete results.

Gather more Information

While you can see someone’s ownership, you can also attain access into their public records. If you have someone’s first name or last name, phone number, email ID and other data, you can get results.

So, in addition to knowing someone’s ownership details, you can also see about their history. The history in terms of Court, finances, etc. All this information can help you in coming to a reasonable conclusion about an individual.

Why CocoFinder

The Address look up feature in CocoFinder is a very cool tool. You cannot get this kind of informative precision from any other platform. It’s trustworthy, reliable and super fast. This is why you can blindly trust CocoFinder.

CocoFinder has a massive database running through several public records. The searches through CocoFinder will lead you to better, accurate and authentic results. Once you enter a name and run a search, you will only get believable data.

You can just enter the person’s name and location and then CocoFinder will filter out the results. There is no buffering or browsing through, the results are immediate. Within a matter of a few seconds, CocoFinder churns the information out of multiple platforms and provides immediate results.

People can claim about this and that on social media. It can’t be trusted as it is extremely deceptive. Those platforms don’t verify the information that is being posted, but onlookers believe it.


Through CocoFinder, you can attain someone’s data and information immediately. You can know about your new neighbour or check about the locality you are about to move into. You can also assess ownership of a property you are interested in investing.

Speaking from experience, it is super-efficient to find out who lives at an address on CocoFinder. It is immediate, it is prompt and reliable. So, don’t go by what others are telling you, know the truth by your own self!

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