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MOOSOO MT-720 Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner (FULL REVIEW)

In order to keep your house clean, you obviously need to have a routine for all of your regular house cleaning tasks. Nevertheless, no matter how well organized you try to be, the whole process of cleaning an entire house can not only be exhausting, but also, very time consuming. So, if you’re looking for a reliable way of keeping your house clean without having to invest your own time and energy into the process so that you can ultimately spend with family and friends, then consider getting the MOOSOO MT-720 Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

The MOOSOO MT-720 is an affordable, compact, and whisper-quiet smart robot vacuum cleaner that features 1800Pa of Suction Power and up to 120 minutes of battery life.

Its 3 Stage Cleaning System and Dual Multi-Surface Roller Brush ensure that this Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner can be used to clean both Hard Floors as well as Low-Pile and Medium-Pile Carpets. At the same time, its Edge-Sweeping Brushes allow the robot to easily take care of corners and edges.

Additionally, thanks to its WiFi Connectivity, users can control the robot both via its proprietary App or alternatively, either via Amazon Alexa or via the Google Assistant by using simple Voice Commands.

Now, let’s have a more detailed look at this smart robot vacuum cleaner and check out everything that the MOOSOO MT-720 has to offer you.


Starting with its size, the MOOSOO MT-720 features a very compact body, which measures only 2.85 inches tall and weighs only 9.2 lbs., making the robot just small enough to be able to clean even under the lowest pieces of furniture that you can think of.

MOOSOO MT-720 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
MOOSOO MT-720 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Thanks to its slim design, the robot can easily reach just about any corner (or any narrow space) within your house, meaning that the unit can easily go underneath almost any couch and/or table and clean any leftover dirty areas to ultimately keep your house neat and clean, all without requiring you to rearrange your furniture.

As said before, this smart robot vacuum cleaner is designed to clean both Hard Floors as well as Low-Pile and Medium-Pile Carpets, and that’s mainly thanks to its 3 Stage Cleaning System.

With that said, let’s have a closer and more detailed look at its construction.

MOOSOO MT-720 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
MOOSOO MT-720 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Starting right at the bottom, we can see its Universal Wheel (at the front side of the unit), as well as its two (x2) ultra-sturdy Motorized Wheels, and in between those, we have its Dual Multi-Surface Roller Brush.

Additionally, at the bottom of the robot’s body, we can also notice its Lower Vision Sensor, which is powered by its Smart Movement System that also features Anti-Drop Technology, which respectively prevent the robot from coliding into any object and also prevent it from falling down any ledge (i.e. a staircase, etc.).

One last thing that’s worth mention about the bottom side of the robot vacuum cleaner’s body is that it also features two (x2) Edge-Sweeping Brush Connectors, which make it very easy for users to install the robots Edge-Sweeping Brushes.

These can be quickly installed by simply popping them into their respective connector slots.

Now, flipping the unit back up will also have you notice the robot’s Removeable 600ML Dust Cup, which comes equipped with an integrated Insert Latch that ultimately makes it very easy for you to remove and re-insert the Dust Cup from and back into the robot’s body.

The robot’s Removeable 600ML Dust Cup also features a Replaceable and Washable HEPA Filter that can be easily accessed via a built-in Latch Door.

This Washable HEPA Filter is of very high-quality and is fairly easy to clean, since it can be conveniently washed (as mentioned just before).

Lastly, I’d also like to mention that this smart robot vacuum cleaner features a powerful Suction Power that’s rated at a maximum of 1800Pa. While that might first get you to think that this robot cleaner will be souding like a loud chainsaw moving through your house, that couldn’t be further from the truth, as the unit is powered by a whisper quiet motor that operates at just below 65 Decibels.


Now, since this smart vacuum cleaner robot is both App-enabled as well as Voice Assistant-enabled (works both with Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant), it obviously features Wi-Fi Connectivity (2.4GHz Wi-Fi).

To set up its Wi-Fi Connection so that you can use it with its Smartphone Companion App, all you have to do is to scan the QR code in the included manual and you’ll then be able to download the Tuya Smart Life App (discussed further ahead).

After downloading the App, simply press the robot’s power button, and in a few seconds, you’ll have your Smartphone detecting the MOOSOO MT-720 thanks to the robot’s now-enabled Wi-Fi Connection.


The MOOSOO MT-720 Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner also comes equipped with a built-in 2500mAh Lithium Ion Battery that can offer you up to 120 minutes of battery life / run time.

It’s also worth to mention that this smart robot vacuum cleaner also features Self-Charging capabilities, meaning that once its battery is lower than 15%, users will notice its LED Battery Light turning Red, and the robot will automatically return to its proprietary Charging Base to have its battery recharged for the next cleaning schedule.

The robot’s maximum charging time only takes around 5 hours of time, so one morning (or afternoon) is really all it takes to have the robot’s battery fully-recharged (100% power) and ready for its next cleaning schedule.

Once fully charged, the unit’s LED Batetry Light will light up with a Blue color, thus letting you know that your MOOSOO MT-720 is once again ready to endulge all of your cleaning needs.


It’s also worth to mention that the MOOSOO MT-720 Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner also comes with an included remote control that can also be used to control the robot.

At the top left of the unit’s remote controller we have a Power Button that can be used to turn the robot On or Off, while at the top right we have a Home Button that once pressed, forces the unit to return to its “home”, meaning its dedicated Charging Base.

Under that, we have a circular dial with four (x4) Directional Arrows (which are used to manually control the robot’s direction and to easily turn it around so that you can manually tell it where you want it to go specifically), as well as a Play/Pause Button that can be used to Pause and Resume the robot’s cleaning function.

Moving further down, we have a Wall Button (to trigger its “Edge Cleaning” functions in order to have it clean around any walls), a Spot Button (to enable a circular Spot Cleaning function at any specific spot you require to be better cleaned), a Turbo Button (that triggers the robot to operate at its maximum Suction Power of 1800Pa), and a Full Go Button (which triggers the robot to do a Deep-Clean schedule, forcing it to vacuum the entire configured area two times).


Now, for those looking to use their MOOSOO MT-720 Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner with the Tuya Smart Life App, you can also download the App manually (instead of using the QR code) and for free, which you can do for both iOS and Android devices.

Via the Smartphone App, you can control any of the robot’s cleaning functionalities from anywhere within your home.


6 Cleaning Modes

It’s also worth mentioning that the MOOSOO MT-720 Robot supports a total of six (6) different Cleaning Modes, which are: Auto Cleaning, Spot Cleaning, Edge Cleaning, Max Vacuum, Plan Cleaning, and Manual cleaning.

Users can freely switch between different cleaning modes and power levels as they want. Moreover, whenever the robot vacuum cleaner is on a carpeted surface, it will automatically have its suction power increased for a better clean.

Voice Assistant Support

As mentioned earlier, the MOOSOO MT-720 can also be controlled via simple voice commands, as this robot vacuum cleaner model supports both Amazon Alexa and The Google Assistant.

So, as long as you have any Smart Home Voice Assistant Devices from any of the two brands, you can do just that.


Inside their package, users will find: their MOOSOO MT-720 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, the robot’s dedicated Charging Base as well as a Power Adapter (for the Charging Base), the robot’s proprietary Remote Controller, as well as its Removeable Dual Multi-Surface Roller Brush and its two (x2) Edge-Sweeping Brushes, its Washable HEPA Filter, and an included User Manual.

Box Contents
Box Contents


The MOOSOO MT-720 is an affordable, compact, and whisper-quiet smart robot vacuum cleaner that features 1800Pa of Suction Power and up to 120 minutes of battery life.

MOOSOO MT-720 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
MOOSOO MT-720 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Featuring a compact and ultra-slim design that allows it to go just about anywhere and coming together with both a remote control and App-Support as well as Voice Assistant Support, this smart robot vacuum cleaner is the perfect addition to anyone’s home who’s looking to spend less time cleaning their house and more free time to spend with their family and friends.

If you’re interested in buying it, each unit is currently discounted from its normal price of $226.99 and is now going for just $169.99 (saves you $57), and each purchase also comes together with a 2-Year Warranty. You can order yours online right now, directly from MOOSOO’s official shopping page, which you can access by clicking this link here.

Alternatively, you can also pick it up directly from Amazon, if you prefer, which you can do by clicking this link.

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