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Fluid Running H2Go – App-based Deep Water Running Workout System

Anyone that loves fitness has most likely went for a run at some point in their life. However, that same “traditional” running workout that we are all familiar with is usually done by running on top of hard-pavement or on trials, and that can ultimately put a lot of stress on your body. That said, both during as well as shortly after finishing a running workout on a hard surface, you’ll most likely end up with different parts of your body hurting. Nevertheless, you should know that that pain and effort are totally unnecessary, as there is a brand-new and super-innovative fitness gadget out there that’s specifically designed to help fitness enthusiasts staying in shape and burning off any unwanted calories by simply performing App-guided deep water running workout routines. This brings us to the Fluid Running H2Go.

The Fluid Running H2Go is an App-Based deep water running workout system that’s designed to completely eliminate the harmful impact of running on land by simply offering you App-based coach-led audio workouts that can be performed in any deep water pool.

With this awesome and very innovative deep water running workout system, you can work your legs, arms and core while having your body floating inside any deep water pool, and its all thanks to the system’s flotation foam belt.

In other words, since you have to put in a little effort to keep your body vertically straight (meaning in an upright running form) while the system’s foam belt keeps your core floating close to the surface, you’re also able to burn up to 40% more calories than when running on land, as not only your core, but also all of the muscles in your arms and legs are engaged during each and every workout, all while having zero impact caused to your joints and/or muscles, which definitely wouldn’t be the case if you would be running on land.

Last but not least, by using the Fluid Running H2Go to perform your own personal App-coached deep water running workouts, you can also get additional cardiovascular and muscular benefits. That’s mainly because water is about 800 times denser than air, and as such, running against all that extra resistance from water while you’re floating inside a deep water pool basically requires the muscles in both your arms and legs to work harder than when running on land, which ultimately causes your body to use more oxygen, thus resulting in a higher heart rate and improved cardiovascular fitness.

So, with all that said, if running out in the cold and on top of a hard-pavement or on trials, or running on a treadmill isn’t really your thing, then the Fluid Running H2Go System is the perfect thing for you, as long you’re willing to get a little wet, that is!

Now, let’s have a more detailed look at this deep water running workout system and check out everything that the Fluid Running H2Go has to offer you.


The Fluid Running H2Go System (As a Whole)

To put it a very simple manner, this system combines a floating foam belt, a pair of IPX7-Rated Bluetooth Wireless Headphones, and an optional 5′ Tether (which can be used to add some extra resistance and intensity by attaching it to a pool ladder or lane line) all together with a Smartphone Companion App that’s meant to coach you while using the system’s different pieces to perform your own personal and App-coached deep water running workouts.

The Fluid Running H2Go System
The Fluid Running H2Go System

The Fluid Running Flotation Belt

Starting with the system’s floating belt, this floating foam belt is fairly lightweight, weighing just around 12 oz., and the belt’s foam measures approximately 27to 29 inches long long by 5½ -6-inches wide. Additionally, the belt’s integrated black security strap measures exactly 50 inches long.

Fluid Running Flotation Belt
Fluid Running Flotation Belt

For those curious, the system’s floating belt is designed to fit any waists of sizes between 26 inches all the way up to 52 inches. I should also not that the foam does not need to be wrapped completely around your waist for the system’s floating belt to be effective.

Fluid Running Flotation Belt
Fluid Running Flotation Belt

(Keep in mind that this floating belt is not meant to be used as a Life-Saving Device, and as the company accurately puts it, the system’s belt also HAS NOT “been approved by the United States Coast Guard as a life-saving device.”)

The IPX7-Rated Bluetooth Headphones

As a reminder, note that the system’s belt is only one of the crucial pieces that makes this system work. That said, for listening to the system’s In-App coach-guided deep water running workouts while you’re floating inside a deep water pool, each set also comes with an included pair of IPX7-Rated Noise-Cancelling Bluetooth Wireless Headphones, which can offer you a HD (High-Definition) sound quality with Accurate Bass while also integrating a built-in Microphone.

IPX7-Rated Bluetooth Headphones
IPX7-Rated Bluetooth Headphones

For those curious enough, the IPX7 Water-Resistance Rating for these Bluetooth Wireless Headphones means that they can submerged up to 1 meter in water for 30 minutes.

Additionally, that same IPX7 Water-Resistance Rating also makes these Bluetooth Wireless Headphones completely Sweatproof.

Inside your set’s packaging, you’ll also find several Earbud-sets of different sizes, which you’re supposed to swap around so that you can easily find the most comfortable fit for your own ears, just to ensure that you get a comfortable and ultra-secure fit.

The system’s Tether

As mentioned before, this App-Based deep water running workout system also comes with an included 5′ Tether that can be used to add some extra resistance and intensity to the system during your deep water running workouts, which can be done by simply attaching its 5′ Tether to any pool ladder or lane line.

Overall, this 5′ Tether is of very high-quality, as it features a very durable construction. It’s also fairly easy to use and in my own experience, it does add quite a reasonable amount of extra resistance and intensity to the system’s already deep water running “floatation-focused” workouts.


This App-Based deep water running workout system was developed thanks to the efforts of an amazing USATF Trained Coach and A.C.E Certified Personal Trainer called Jennifer Conroyd, who’s in fact the founder of the company (Fluid Running).

Coach Jennifer Conroyd
Coach Jennifer Conroyd – USATF Trained Coach and A.C.E Certified Personal Trainer and Founder ofFluid Running

In fact, this system’s efficacy is so impressive that the Fluid Running H2Go was even showcased in a Men’s Journal article, where it was referred to as one of the “Top 20 Workouts in America”.

The system works in a very simple manner. Basically, while its floating foam belt helps to keep your core close to the water surface, the system’s IPX7-Rated Wireless Headphones are connected (via Bluetooth) to both your Smartphone and to the Fluid Running H2Go App to keep you engaged in its pre-recorded audio-guided In-App workouts.

While you’re inside your deep pool water, these In-App workouts are coached to you by none other than Coach Jennifer Conroyd herself, which will be guiding you throughout each and every workout by calling upon the different movements that you’ll learn by watching each purchase’s included free Tutorial Videos.

Additionally, I can say so myself that Coach Jennifer’s voice is quite motivating, as she’ll be pushing you through each and every Fluid Running workout that you commit yourself to do, all the way from start to finish.

I’d also like to mention that these workouts aren’t really made for professional athletes, but instead, are quite beginner-friendly, as each and every workout can be done by literally anyone, regardless of their ability to swim and stay afloat in an upright position, as well as regardless of any past-injury (unless its a really, really bad one that simply doesn’t allow you to comfortably move your limbs underwater).

Once again, I’d like to remind you that you’re supposed to use both your arms and legs to push through the water around you with reasonably energetic swings in order to keep your body in an upright running position.

Embedded below, you can a have quick look at the company’s official video preview / demonstration of exactly how a H2Go Workout is supposed to be:


So, now we’ll check out exactly how you’re supposed to use this unique, yet very innovative App-Based deep water running workout system.

The first thing that you’re supposed to do as soon as you get your Fluid Running H2Go package delivered to you is to install the Fluid Running H2Go App on your Smartphone (we’ll discuss the App in detail right ahead).

Secondly, and as said before, you’re also supposed to watch the Instructional / Tutorial videos from your laptop, desktop, tablet or Fluid Running H2Go app so that you can learn and understand exactly how to perform the proper Fluid Running techniques that are meant to be used while wearing the system’s floating foam belt (and wireless water-proof headphones).

After that, you’re supposed to download the App’s available deep water running workouts, and pair up the system’s included IPX7-Rated Bluetooth Headphones with your phone.

Lastly, once you’re ready to go for a quick deep water running workout, just head to the nearest deep water pool and gear up yourself up with the system’s floating foam belt around your waist and its IPX7-Rated Bluetooth Headphones.

Then simply select your preferred deep water running workout from your Smartphone, leave your phone by the poolside, and just get in the deep water to start working out without any negative and painful impact whatsoever on your body’s overall health (including muscles, tendons, joints, etc.).

As said earlier, I’d once again like to state that using the system’s included 5′ Tether is purely optional, so don’t worry if you don’t have something to hook it up to (or if simply don’t want to use it at all).


So, as you’ve already figured out, you’re supposed to use the system’s provided water-gear together with the Fluid Running H2Go App, which is available to download for free for both iOS and Android devices.

Right from the start, by clicking the App’s “Burger-Menu”, you can have access to a couple different Instructional / Tutorial Videos that will help you learn about the different techniques that you’re supposed to use in each of the App’s provided deep water running workouts.

Fluid Running H2Go App
Fluid Running H2Go App

After that, you can open the App’s main menu, which features a full Workout List of all the deep water running workouts that are available at start for you to follow.

Fluid Running H2Go App
Fluid Running H2Go App

The first option you have is an “Introductory Workout” that works as an entry-level and very beginner-friendly deep water running workout. Basically, this introduction workout is there to help you learn about how the Fluid Running System can take your deep water running workouts to the next level.

Following that first entry-level workout, you also have a few different Voice-Guided high-intensity deep water running programs that provide you with a total body workout without any impact.

Fluid Running H2Go App
Fluid Running H2Go App

Last but not least, the App also allows you to check for any available Fluid Running Class Schedules, but keep in mind that these are only avaialble for the “Chicagoland” area.


Inside each package, users will find: their Fluid Running flotation foam belt, an included pair of waterproof (IPX7) Bluetooth Headphones and a small Carrying Case for the system’s Wireless Waterproof Headphones, as well as an included 5′ Tether (that can help to keep your body in place – optional use), along with access to a few instructional videos as well as to four (x4) Starter Fluid Running Audio Workouts.

Box Contents
Box Contents


The Fluid Running H2Go is an App-Based deep water running workout system that’s designed to completely eliminate the harmful impact of running on land by simply offering you App-based coach-led audio workouts that can be performed in any deep water pool.

Fluid Running H2Go
Fluid Running H2Go

In sum, this App-Based deep water running workout system is very good on what it does, as it accomplishes exactly what it says it promises to do; meaning it’s great at providing you with an alternative running workout that instead of being done while running on land, is supposed to be done on a deep water pool, and its main benefits are that you’ll have absolutely no harmful impact done to your muscles and joints (which would be the case if you’d be running on land).

Best of all, since you’re supposed to spend quite a bit of energy and power shaking your arms and legs around to keep your body in an upright position while surrounded by water (and with the help of the system’s floating foam belt), you also end up getting additional cardiovascular and muscular benefits.

Overall, the system was quite fun to use, and I can definitely see the health advantages of using this instead of having to run on land.

If you’re interested in buying it, each set is currently going for $199 each. You can order yours online right now, directly from Fluid Running’s official shopping page, which you can access by clicking here.

On a closure note, for anyone who believes to be around an intermediate or expert fitness level, if you ever wish to get some additional deep water running workouts, the company also sells some of those at a reasonably affordable price (between $15-$25 per PERMANENT In-App Workout), which are designed to keep you much more engaged than their beginner-friendly workouts and can also help to really burn off all those extra calories! To check those out, simply click this link here.

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