Why are E-Sports So Popular?

Why are E-Sports So Popular

If you have lost touch with the world of gaming recently, you might be asking yourself how esports became so big seemingly overnight. The popularity of E-sports is something that also baffles some of the people in the business. E-sports competitions were still marginal not too long ago, and now they fill stadiums, have million-dollar sponsors backing them, and are shown on major sports channels. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why e-sports are so popular today.

The Appeal of the Professional Gamer

One of the reasons why e-sports are so popular is because they’re so relatable. Most people who watch sports don’t practice them nearly as much as the stars they idolize, and even fewer believe that they could do it as a pro. People who watch e-sports, on the other hand, are much more likely to play tons of video games themselves, with many aspiring to become top players.

CS:GO E-Sports Tournament - Faceit Major London 2018
CS:GO E-Sports Tournament – Faceit Major London 2018

What this creates is a fanbase of loyal hardcore gamers. They are more involved in the players and the plays they make versus sports fans who may just be watching games for excitement without truly understanding them.

CS:GO E-Sports Tournament - Faceit Major London 2018
CS:GO E-Sports Tournament – Faceit Major London 2018


Another reason why e-sports are so popular is because of the variety they offer. There is a quasi-infinite number of games available, and e-sports have something for everyone. Whether you’re into fighting games, MMORPGs, or even online gambling, there are e-sports events for you. Sites like Spin Casino have tons of games that can be played competitively, and this is a new niche that is growing fast.

Even within the same niche, you’ll find tons of variety. Not all FPS shooter fans like games like Apex Legends or CS:GO, but they might love watching Fortnite tournaments. Those who like fighting games can watch classic games like Tekken or Street Fighter, while others might prefer the fast-paced action of games like Smash Bros Melee.

The Hype

There’s also the fact that the media will push any trend that they can, and e-sports is a major one right now. The amount of attention top players/entertainers have been getting has done a lot to bring visibility to the sport. The fact that games are now played on national TV also helps.

The Massive Asian Market

We also often tend to think of North America when it comes to e-sports, but it’s nowhere near as popular as it is in Asia. Korea is the world’s biggest market for e-sports. One of the reasons why e-sports are so popular in the country is because video games are even more ingrained in the culture than in America. Not only that, but the country has the fastest internet connection in the whole world. This has boosted the popularity of MMORPG games, especially the mobile ones, as many of them require a top-of-the-line stable connection.

Mobile E-Sports Asian Tournament
Mobile E-Sports Asian Tournament

So, if you were wondering why esports are so big, you have your answer. We can expect them to become even more popular as more people start to gain an interest in them and they get more coverage.