iHome Audio Releases iDM15 Portable Bluetooth Speakers (video)



The iDM15 is the ultimate companion for your iPad, iPhone, iPod or any Bluetooth-enabled device

Gone are the days when your space-saving, mini speaker upped the volume on your new gadgets and … well, that’s basically it.

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Cost: $99
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Enter the iDM15 Rechargeable Portable Bluetooth Stereo Speakers w/ Speakerphone capability, by iHome.  You know iHome.  They’re the makers of famous Apple-compatible clock/radios, and their speed at which they develop new products places them in the gadget news almost on a monthly basis.

The [amazon_link id=”B004I8WH9W” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]iDM15[/amazon_link] is the ultimate companion for your iPad, iPhone, iPod or any Bluetooth-enabled device.  These stylish and unassuming $99 speakers are heavy on features but won’t lighten your wallet.

Doubles as a stand
...and storage
...and more storage

Features include the ability to wirelessly play audio from any Bluetooth capable device, whether it be your iPhone, iPad, or computer, speakerphone with built in microphone for answering calls, a built-in internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and a convenient travel case that double-duties as a stand for your Apple device.  The iDM15′s are perfect for providing big audio in a small package during any get together you may have.

Features list:

  • Plays audio from iPod, iPhone, iPad, computer, handheld game systems and other audio devices;
  • Wirelessly stream music from your Bluetooth-enabled device;
  • Speakerphone with built-in mic and answer/end buttons to take calls using the iPhone or other Bluetooth-enable cell phones;
  • Built-in internal rechargeable lithium ion battery;
  • Travel case transforms into a convenient stand for the iPad, iPhone or iPod;
  • Available now for $99.

A 2011 CES Innovations Honoree, the iDM15 provides all the power you need in the palm of your hand and on the go. Big features and big sound are packed into this little system.  Speakers connect to a computer or other USB power source via the included USB cable to recharge the internal lithium- ion battery. You can pair your Bluetooth-capable device to enjoy audio, or use the line-in jack to listen to any audio device.

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Check out the introduction of the iHome iDM15 video at CES this year…