Hammacher Schlemmer Automobile Preheater

Hammacher Automobile Preheater 2

Heat up your car’s interior before you jump in with this handy preheater from Hammacher Schlemmer, which also doubles as a windshield defroster. No longer do you need to get into your your ice-cold car’s interior, only to wait for an eternity for it to warm up.  The HS Preheater does it for in a flash.

The Preheater is battery-powered so it doesn’t draw power from your car, and it can automatically be set to start warming up the interior 20 minutes before you even enter. The rechargeable heater features two heat vents that span 180º to direct the hot air onto the windshield or throughout the car, creating a nice and toasty environment .

And unlike other remote preheater starters that need to be installed by professionals, this one just rests on the dashboard, making installation a breeze. The Preheater can be started up to 200 feet away with its included remote, while it’s lightweight design allows you to easily transport it from various cars to an AC outlet where it can recharge in only four hours. It can also recharge via your car power port with the included adapter.

The Preheater from Hammacher Schlemmer runs $119.95.