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    Axe HyperWhip Fusion BBCOR L138E Adult Baseball Bat Review (2017)

    Axe HyperWhip Fusion BBCOR L138E Adult Baseball Bat Review (2017)


    Axe HyperWhip Fusion BBCOR L138E is strong made from Carbon

    The immensely popular Axe Bat that became a rage in 2016 has finally returned in a new and improved Avatar under the moniker Axe 2017 Hyper Whip Fusion BBCOR L138E, and is likely to take your regular baseball game to the next level of fabulous!

    When introduced last year, the HyperWhip caught the entire sports industry by surprise with its angular and asymmetrical end cap design. The radical breakthrough that allows you to enjoy that incredible balance of a two piece construction at the extraordinary control and robustness of a one piece alloy composition has become the signature styling of Axe and is likely to influence all future offerings by the brand.

    Axe HyperWhip Fusion BBCOR L138E acts like one piece bat

    What’s makes the HyperWhip so extraordinary?

    The design technology that goes into making the Axe HyperWhip Fusion so remarkably wonderful lies in its Fusion Barrel that incorporates a heavy duty performance barrel made out of Mantic, and finished off with a lightweight carbon fiber tip of about 3 inches at the far end of the bat.

    Axe HyperWhip Fusion BBCOR L138E has sloping tip

    The Axe HyperWhip Fusion Barrel operates on the concept that the end of the bat stays lighter without having any negative impact on the overall barrel size. As a result, the swing weight becomes super convenient ( akin to the swing weight of the ultra balanced Avenge from Axe) owing to the shifting of the balance point closer to the gripping position of the player. The asymmetric top of the barrel further contributes to a more convenient swing weight by cutting back on the additional weight of the material located on the non-hitting face of the bat and creating a sloping hitting edge.

    Axe HyperWhip Fusion BBCOR L138E works best hitting on one side

    Axe HyperWhip Fusion Design and Features

    The 3 adult Axe HyperWhip Fusion is the only BBCOR Certified baseball bat in the entire AXE lineup that features  2 5/8 inches of Fusion barrel, specifically designed to reduce the weight at the hitting tip and creating one of the best in class balanced one piece bats. The Mantic alloy used for manufacturing the barrel has been strategically formulated for creating a one side hitting structure to ensure long lasting durability and high performance. The angular and sloping Directional Hitting Side of the HyperWhip not only ensures comfortable balancing, but also maximum speed of swing.


    The exclusive and patented handle has also been proven to not only promote more efficient transfer of speed for maximum swing power, but also substantially reduces the risk of unwarranted hand injuries that regularly happen in the baseball games. When we used the bat, we experienced both maximum swing power with minimal to no discomfort. The Axe swings through like no other bat we’ve tested, thanks to these improvements. The handle also minimizes swinging vibrations and allows you to enjoy your game absolutely strain free.

    Axe HyperWhip Fusion BBCOR L138E hits well


    With balance and bat speed as it’s key selling features, this bat really swings through nicely, and ball contact feels solid and satisfying. One design note, you need to hold the grip and bat as it’s been designed to use. In other words, when the bat is turned at it’s intended to, with the directional hitting area facing forward, it feels awesome.  Ultimately, this means you can only hit with it on that one side. If you turn it around, it doesn’t feel natural and it’s difficult to hit with it on that side.

    Engineering-wise, Axe put every technology they could into one side of the HyperWhip, so for durability and performance, it’s completely optimal to use it on the side that Axe intends for you to use with this model, because that’s the side of the bat with all of the technology. The other side of the bat has no technology. True, a little getting used to, but you’ll thank the company later for the performance and balance it delivers in the hitting area.

    Axe HyperWhip Fusion Baseball Bat is intended for one-sided use

    Bottom Line

    Marked at a salty but fair price tag of $300, the HyperWhip is designed for optimum performance and durability even during heavy duty professional tournaments. So, if you like to swing it and swing it hard, the Axe 2017 HyperWhip is the perfect piece of equipment for you to not only win, but win with impressive power.

    The one year warranty offered by Axe includes cover for damages incurred through regular wear and tear and ensures optimum performance and efficiency of your HyperWhip for years on end. The bat is available in several different sized including 31 28OZ, 32 29OZ, 33 30OZ, 34 31OZ for you to choose from.

    You can buy the 2017 Axe HyperWhip Fusion L138E here.

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