Alexa Offers Mood Music

Amazon never stops trying to integrate Alexa into almost every aspect of your life. The virtual assistant is more than a convenient appliance in your home. It’s quickly growing into a personal secretary for many around the world. You can check the weather, order a pizza, analyze morning traffic patterns, and of course, play music from an enormous Amazon online library of tunes.

This last week, Alexa got an upgrade. It can now assist you in finding the right music for almost any kind of activity you can think of. Wanting to exercise, cook a dish in the kitchen, fall asleep, or even add a little romantic extra to your evening? Alexa can play music for over 500 different activities.

Alexa Music can play music for over 500 different activities

Tell Alexa to play music for a birthday party, and you have a celebratory playlist to entertain your guests. Call up something really specialized like “dance music while cooking”, and it will choose the most appropriate songs for your kitchen activities. You can even combine a particular genre with your request, like “romantic music” or “hooking up,” and Alexa will not only recognize your request, but will have the tunes to play for that special occasion.

The new feature works with Amazon’s free streaming service Prime Music, as well as Amazon Music Unlimited, which by the way, the Unlimited service allows you to pick your music by era, mood, lyrics or genre.

Amazon’s free Alexa Music streaming service Prime Music

Amazon says that for its Alexa music platform, meditation and “de-stressing” are the most requested activities. The update is available now and works with paid Amazon Music Unlimited subscriptions.

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