Telecommuting Tips for those Working from Home

In light of the pandemic, many have found themselves working from home for the first time in their lives. For many, it is a blessing, but for some, not so much. Some find themselves struggling to stay focused, and some are unable to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

This article is a solution for those who struggle to uphold a balance in their remote working life. It will guide you on how to stay cheerful while working and how to achieve peak productivity in high spirits. So without further ado, let’s dive into it.

Working from Home / Image Source:
Working from Home / Image Source:

Create a Distinction Between Work and Home Life

With this newfound freedom of working from home, it is easy to forget about work and get carried away. The fine line between work and leisure becomes blurry. One moment you are working on a given task, and the next, without even realizing it, you are off to streaming and social media sites, checking up on things.

It is important to solidify the boundaries that get hazier by the day. Focus on work and set aside time for leisure. Only use that leisure time when the work is done or the assigned task is completed.

Create a Workspace for Yourself

It is tempting to stay in bed for the entirety of the day, working and eating away your health at the same time. This act not only decreases productivity but also slowly perpetuates negative physical and mental health symptoms.

All seasoned remote workers know about the importance of a workspace, and now it is time for you to learn about it too.

Set up a separate area for work. Arrange a desk and a comfortable chair. If you have an extra laptop or system sitting around the house, then this is the perfect time to use it.

Having a separate system for work and leisure makes a big difference. Set up your system for work, use a VPN to secure your connections, and use two-factor authentication to prevent any visitor from accidentally messing up your system.

This is how you create a zen working environment. You get up, walk to the work area, sit on the desk, and turn on the computer. It eases you into a perfect mindset suitable for a remote worker.

Stay Connected

Working remotely, especially for those newly shifting to this lifestyle, can get lonely. No rule says that all communication must be carried out via emails or other text-based methods.

Pick up your cell phone and call your coworkers. It keeps things fresh. Do video calls and have daily virtual meetings. Stay connected.

Once again, while working on projects of sensitive nature, be sure to enable two-factor authentication for logging into your work accounts.

Maintain a Routine

Create a routine. Many new remote workers fall into one of these two traps: they either get too comfortable or too strict with themselves.

In the case of getting too comfortable, remote workers span their working hours throughout the entire day. By doing so, they always seem to have neither the time for work nor any time for leisure.

In the case of becoming too strict with their routine, they create the exact working environment of an office. Binding themselves to such a routine mitigates all the benefits of a remote working environment.

Thus, it is essential to create a routine that allows reaping remote working benefits while maintaining order like that of a full-time office job.

Creating and maintaining a balanced routine is the key to fulfilling remote working experience.

Zen Workspace / Image Source:
Zen Workspace / Image Source: