Hero Pill Dispenser – Automatic Pill Dispenser for Medication Management

For those that require to take their medication on a daily basis, that task can be somewhat harder than what it actually sounds like. Sure enough, it’s easy to grab a glass of water and your pills and then swallowing those quickly with the help of a few sips of water, but there’s always the problem of remembering to do it. So, whether you’re still a young adult, already on your mid 40’s or 50’s, or even if you’re entering your senior years (between 62 to 65 years old), you’ll probably end up facing some problems that can sometimes prevent you from taking your daily medication. Those problems can be related to you being busy with work, with multiple house chores or with taking care of other family members (children and elders), or ultimately, because you (or a loved one) end up forgetting to take your (their) daily medication because of infamous progressive neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Nevertheless, with a simple Smart Gadget like the Hero Pill Dispenser you can make sure that you or a loved one never miss a daily medication intake ever again.

The Hero Pill Dispenser is a smart medication management system that can automatically organize, dispense, and track all of your medication, for which you can configure all its medication management functionalities via the Hero App.

This all-in-one automatic pill dispenser can be used by yourself, or alternatively, by a loved one to more easily control all of your (or their) medication intake. With it, you can make sure that you (or a loved one) always take your pills at the right time, each and every time.

To put it simply, this smart medication management system is designed to only be used by one person at a time, as that’s how the system can make sure that its user is adhering to their personal medication regimen.

As said before, the Hero Pill Dispenser works together with its proprietary Smartphone Companion App – called the Hero App – which you can use to configure the whole system. By having the Hero App installed on your Smartphone you can conveniently get alerted if you (or another family member) are ever late for a dose. Furthermore, you can also get informed if you ever miss a dose or even if you mistakenly ever end up taking too much.

Lastly, you can also use the Hero App to track adherence overall or by medication, within any time period.

Overall, with the Hero Pill Dispenser you can easily keep track of either your own or a family member’s medication intake so that you can have the ultimate peace of mind, as you’ll always be able to know when and whether or not you or your loved one(s) actually remembered to take your / their pills.

Now, let’s have a more detailed look at this smart medication management system and see exactly how this all-in-one automatic pill dispenser actually works.


Starting with the unit’s size, the Hero Pill Dispenser comes at a reasonably compact design, measuring just 9 inches long by 9 inches wide by 15 inches tall (22.9 x 22.9 x 38.1 cm). Thanks to its reasonably compact size, you can have it set up at pretty much any space within your kitchen countertop. Not only that, but the whole unit is fairly lightweight, as the system weighs no more than 10 lbs.

Hero Pill Dispenser
Hero Pill Dispenser

Moving on to its design, this automatic pill dispenser features a very mnimalist design, coming with a very sleek and aesthetically pleasing look, which is mainly thanks to its discrete white and gray body. The whole unit also features a very solid construction, and as such, it’s safe to say that is is definitely built to last.

This smart medication management system is electric-powered, and so, it comes with an included Power Cable that’s long enough to have the unit installed at pretty much any spot in the house – whether you prefer to have it set up at your kitchen, your bathroom, your living room, or even your bedroom.


Now, moving on to a closer examination of the system, we’ll have a more detailed look at its few major components.

Right at the top of the unit, we have it’s built-in color screen display, which, together with its Arrow-Keys Control Panel (located right under the unit’s display screen), is what you’ll be using as the unit’s dedicated User Interface to initially configure the system’s internet connectivity (via Wi-Fi) together with your Hero user account, as well as to configure its smart pill-dispensing features.

Moving slightly further down, we have the Hero’s Medication Cartridge Door, which, after opened, is exactly where you’ll find all of its 10 Medication Cartridges securely slotted into a rotating platform with 10 separate slots.

With that said, you can store up to 10 different medications inside the Hero Pill Dispenser. I’d also like to point out a very positive feature, which is none other than the fact that the Hero actually supports any pill size or shape.

Still, keep in mind that in order to avoid any contamination, this automatic pill dispenser system does not work with half pills, gummies, powdery, sticky or dissolvable pills.

To fill up each one of its Medication Cartridges, simply rotate the platform between each empty Cartridge, and then fill it up with your required medication (one type of medication per cartridge).

After that, simply slot each Medication Cartridge back into a free slot and you’re good to start using the Hero Pill Dispenser.

Lastly, right at the bottom of the unit, we also have its Pill Dispensing Slot and Pill Cup.


As mentioned earlier, the Hero Pill Dispenser works together with its proprietary Smartphone Companion App, but for that, the unit will require Internet access via Wi-Fi. As such, this smart medication management system does integrate Wi-Fi Connectivity


For those looking how to set up and configure their Hero Pill Dispenser, check out the company’s full video guide (embedded below), which explains in detail exactly how to set up the unit, as well as how to configure your Hero user account.


As mentioned earlier, you’ll also need to have the Hero App (available for both iOS and Android devices) installed in your Smartphone in order to configure the Hero’s smart medication management functionalities, such as its medication intake tracking function and its In-App Notifications.

Hero App
Hero App

Once again, it’s important to note that this smart medication management system is meant to be used with one (x1) single device per each user, as each device can solely be used with one single and unique Hero App account.

Via the Hero App, you can configure the unit to dispense your future dosage as well as to configure different Dispense Limits for your stored medication, and also to configure the App’s Medication Reminders & Alerts, which are all conveniently sent to your Smartphone at any time, whether you’re just briefly away from home or planning to stay on-the-go for a while.

These Smartphone Alerts and Notifications can be configured to either be sent to you, or alternatively, specifically for the case of an elderly user, for their caregiver. These notifications allow you (or a caregiver) to keep track of any Late, Skipped or Missed Doses, and the App also offers you a Detailed Medication Information Report about all of your current medication intake, which includes both Drug Interaction Monitoring (Beta) as well as Daily & Historic Adherence Tracking.

Hero App
Hero App

Additionally, the Hero App also allows you to protect your medication via an Optional Passcode, and you can also configure the unit’s medication tracking functionality to have its App sending you Low-on-Pill Notifications directly to your Smartphone whenever the Hero Pill Dispenser is starting to run low on one (or more) specific pill(s).

For those looking to see how the App works, embedded below you can find the company’s official video-example of the Hero App working:


Inside the package, users will find: their Hero Pill Dispenser, the unit’s included AC power adapter, one (x1) Emergency Key, an included dispensing cup, a Travel Lock (slotted inside the unit), and 10 Medication / Pill cartridges (also slotted inside the unit).


The Hero Pill Dispenser is a smart medication management system that can automatically organize, dispense, and track all of your medication, for which you can configure all its medication management functionalities via the Hero App.

With the HERO smart and automatic pill dispenser system you can always keep track of your medication intake management.

Hero Pill Dispenser
Hero Pill Dispenser

Overall, the system is reasonably easy to configure and use on a daily basis. Furthermore, without a shadow of a doubt, it’s a great smart gadget to have around at home for anyone that has to worry about taking medication on a regular basis, especially when that medication involves several different types of pills.

If you’re interested in buying it, each unit is currently going for a $99.99 Initiation Fee, which then comes accompanied by a very affordable Subscription Service of just $29.99 per month. For the system’s Software Updates, those are completely free, and are mainly based on User Feedback.

For those wondering, this Membership Service is what allows the company to assist you in your medication management journey on an ongoing basis, and it’s also what allows the system’s App to provide you with one-of-a-kind software that allows you to track your adherence, get notifications when a medication is missed or running low and check for drug interactions (which is a third feature that will be coming in the nearby future). Ultimately, this $1/day Subscription Service will ultimately provide for 24/7 concierge support and access to a Lifetime Warranty Program, which guarantees free exchanges in the event of a hardware malfunction.

You can order yours online right now, directly from Hero Health’s official shopping page, which you can access via this link.

Additionally, for those looking to get a second unit for another family member or friend, you can also get a $50 Amazon gift card to get that second person a $50 off their Hero Pill Dispenser purchase (check the company’s website at the bottom of the page to see how).