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Viatek Body Dryer (REVIEW) – Portable Post-Shower Quick Body Drying Device

There are many simple gadgets out there that can help making your morning routine a bit faster, which can ultimately help you save a couple of minutes before work to ensure that you don’t get late. Those gadgets would include devices like smart coffee makers with Voice Assistant support, automated tooth brushes, smoothie smart blenders, or even your typical Weather Apps that tell you what clothing you should wear during the day. Joining in all of these solutions that promise to shorten up your morning routine before work and ultimately simplify your life, we now have the Viatek Body Dryer.

The Viatek Body Dryer is a portable post-shower body drying device that allows you to quickly dry your body after you shower, ultimately allowing you to speed up your morning routine.

Overall, this is a super-convenient gadget to have at your bathroom or bedroom, as its temperature-controlled blown air functionality that can go up to 100 mph can help you quickly dry your body right after you step out of the shower within mere seconds.

So, let’s have a more detailed look at the Viatek Body Dryer and check out how this body drying device is designed and see exactly how it works.


Starting with the device’s size, this body drying device features a compact and reasonably lightweight body, measuring just 18.03 inches long by 18.03 inches wide by 8.26 inches tall and weighing only 7.3 lbs. That said, it’s fairly easy to carry it around from one room to another if necessary.

Viatek Body Dryer - Measurements
Viatek Body Dryer – Measurements

Moving on to its design, the Viatek Body Dryer features a sleek, discrete and fairly minimalist design that allows it to easily blend in with any choice of furniture / home décor that you currently have at your bathroom / bedroom.

Viatek Body Dryer - Design
Viatek Body Dryer – Design

Now, for the device’s external shell, this body drying device features a fairly durable and water-resistant construction, as most of its external components are made of ABS Plastic, which ultimately helps the unit to have a very decent protection for its internal electronic components while you step on it with your body still somewhat wet (I’d still recommend that you wrap yourself around a bath towel or bathrobe just to help with absorbing most of the excess water, as well as to make the body-drying process even faster).

Additionally, this body drying device was designed with a scale-like construction, as it comes equipped with a sturdy Weight-Activated Stepping Platform that can support up to 350 lbs. of weight (body weight).

Integrated at the center of its Weight-Activated Stepping Platform, we have a set of two (x2) Built-In Gravity Sensors that are responsible for helping this innovative body drying device to detect whenever a user is stepping on top of it.

So, basically, the way the unit’s Weight-Activated Stepping Platform works is by simply being stepped on. That said, as soon as you get on top of it, you’ll trigger its Weight-Activated Platform to start blowing wind at either high or low speeds, and these air-speed settings can be configured either via the unit’s built-in LCD Touchscreen – meaning its Control Panel – or alternatively, via its included Remote Controller (for which we’ll discuss both in greater detail right ahead).

The device can have its air-blowing speeds to be set up to 100mph, thus allowing you to quickly and effectively eliminate any water that remains in your skin after you’re done showering in mere moments. Not only that, but users can also configure this body drying system to blow either hot or cool air.

Furthermore, the unit’s Weight-Activated Stepping Platform also comes equipped with a Removable Pedal that can be easily and conveniently disattached from the main device so that you can keep its Weight-Activated Platform nice and clean.

Last but not least, since this body drying device is electric-powered, you can also find both its Power Cable and Wall Plug as well as its On/Off Switch at the back-right side of the unit.


As said before, the Viatek Body Dryer also comes equipped with a built-in LCD Touchscreen that works as the unit’s Control Panel.

Starting right at the top of the its Control Panel and going from right to left, first we have a Full Water Reminder LED Light that informs users whenever they should drain the excess water from its Removable Pedal.

Followed right after that, we have a Anion Reminder LED Light, which, to put it simply, is related to the device’s electric-current (not of major importance, just a small warning light for the unit’s polarization levels).

Coming right after that, we have both a Hot and Cold Wind Information LED Light and a Wind Speed Information LED Light, which respectively inform the user about whether the unit is blowing hot or cold air, as well as if the unit is blowing air at a slow or at a high speed.

Built-In LCD Touchscreen / Control Panel
Built-In LCD Touchscreen / Control Panel

Below this set of 4 Informational LED Lights, we also have a set of 3 Control Buttons. Once again, going from left to right, we’ll start with the unit’s Cool / Warm Button, which can be used to configure its air-blowing functionality to either blow hot or cold air

Coming right after that, right at the bottom-middle of the unit’s Control Panel, we also have a Hand Control button, which can be used to disable its Control Panel if you ever prefer to use the unit’s included Remote Controller to configure its air-blowing settings.

Lastly, at the very bottom right of its Control Panel, we also have a High / Low Air-Speed Button, which, as the name suggests, allows users to configure the unit to blow air at either a slow or a high speed.


As said before, the Viatek Body Dryer also comes together with its very own Remote Controller included, which brings you the convenience of not having to bend over and/or squat down if you’re looking to change the unit’s current air-blowing settings. That said, just like the unit’s built-in LCD Touchscreen, its Remote Controller also offers you the exact same controls for the device’s few different functionalities.

Included Remote Controller
Included Remote Controller

Starting at the top side of the remote controller’s circular dial, we have a Fast Air-Speed Button, and right below it we have a Slow Air-Speed Button. Then, at the left side of the remote’s circular dial we have a Hot-Air Button, and sitting just opposite to it at the remote’s left side, we have a Cold-Air Button.

The Remote Controller's Interface
The Remote Controller’s Interface

Lastly, below the remote’s circular dial, we also have a On Button and a Off Button, which can respectively be used to turn the unit On or Off.


The Viatek Body Dryer is a portable post-shower body drying device that allows you to quickly dry of your body after you shower, ultimately allowing you to speed up your morning routine.

Viatek Body Dryer
Viatek Body Dryer

With this innovative body drying appliance, you can quickly dry off all the excess water in each and every part of your body within mere seconds, just right after stepping out of your shower, or alternatively, from a swimming pool.

Additionally, while the Viatek Body Dryer is suitable for daily use when getting out of the shower or out of a swimming pool, it can also be used by pet owners to quickly dry off their dog(s) after giving them a bath as a way of eliminating the need for manual grooming.

Viatek Body Dryer
Viatek Body Dryer

If you’re interested in buying it, each unit is currently going for $ 299.99. You can order yours online right now directly from Viatek’s official shopping page, or alternatively, you can get it from its corresponding Amazon shopping page, if you prefer to do that. Simply click either of the provided links to be taken to the respective websites.

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