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Gorilla Bow Travel Fitness System – Portable Fitness Workout Gym Bow

For any fitness enthusiast that’s constantly on the-go-on, having a portable workout solution that helps them to build more muscle mass, tone their muscles and burn the extra fat to ultimately stay in shape is very important. That’s mainly because carrying around big and heavy weights that occupy a ton of space simply makes no sense. Instead of having to take an entire weight rack with you back and forth during your time spent traveling just so that you can stay in shape, consider taking a more lightweight fitness training solution that doesn’t take up so much space or weight and that ends up costing you some extra money on excess baggage fees at the airport. This is why having a portable workout tool like the Gorilla Bow Travel Fitness System is so empowering.

The Gorilla Bow Travel Fitness System is basically a portable and collapsible fitness workout gym bow that was designed to work as a portable/travel “resistance-training” kit.

As such, and thanks to this portable fitness system’s ability to dial in tons of resistance levels – starting from 10 lbs. all the way up to 350 lbs. – the Gorilla Bow Travel can ultimately be used as a portable gym solution for people of all ages.

Furthermore, because it’s so light and takes up so little room, it can basically be used almost anywhere you can think of, including at home for “at-home workouts” (especially during this COVID-19 worldwide pandemic situation, which has basically demanded for a worldwide lock-down) or for any time that you’re on-the-go.

Let’s take a more detailed look at the Gorilla Bow Travel Fitness System and check its design, as well as all of its workout benefits.


As mentioned before, the Gorilla Bow Travel basically works as a portable fitness workout gym bow and features an ultra-modern design.

Gorilla Bow Travel
Gorilla Bow Travel

This specific model (the Travel Model – which works as a collapsible fitness system) is a 56-inches long workout gym bow (its length when fully assembled) that features an aircraft-grade all-aluminum heat-treated construction, which means that it’s completely made out of aircraft aluminum while featuring die cast ends and stainless steel push button spring locks that ensure you can get a secure assembly and easy disassembly.


Stainless Steel Push Button Spring Locks
Stainless Steel Push Button Spring Locks

Not only that, but thanks to its aircraft aluminum build (basically a very lightweight aluminum), the Gorilla Bow Travel Fitness System is also a super lightweight portable fitness workout system, weighing just 6lbs., allowing you to take it with you pretty much anywhere you decide to go next, whether that includes your next business destination while you’re on-the-go or some nice vacations with family and/or friends.

This portable “resistance-training” fitness system features a maximum of 350lbs. of tension and can be seamlessly used between shoulder, chest, leg and core workouts.

Lastly, thanks to the system’s four (x4) included Double-Wall Gorilla Bands (one 10 lbs. band, one 20 lbs. band, one 30 lbs. band, and one 50 lbs. band) you can get an additional 110lbs. of tension.

Gorilla Bow Travel
Gorilla Bow Travel



As mentioned before, the Travel Model works as a collapsible fitness system, and as such, the bow features stainless-steel push-button spring locks that allow you to get a secure assembly and easy disassembly.

After the main unit is assembled (the bow itself), taking the bands On and Off of the Gorilla Bow Travel Fitness System to change between tension levels (the resistance level on both your installed bands and the bow that you think you can handle) is also incredibly easy, meaning setting up the system is simple and quick.

All you have to do is grab a hold of one side of the band and the inside of the bow and pull up nice and gently.

This will basically create tension on the inner side of the bow and release tension on the outer side of the bow.

Not only that, but taking off the bands is also very, very simple. It’s literally just a matter of applying some pressure and pulling each end side of the bands up and out of the bow’s structure.


Since the Gorilla Bow Travel was designed as a portable resistance-training fitness system you can basically use it to build muscle, burn fat and lose weight and even tone your body while also reducing joint stress.

As mentioned before, this resistance-training fitness system can be seamlessly used between shoulder, chest, leg and core workouts, ultimately allowing you to tone pretty much any part of your body that you’re aiming to strengthen and improve.

Lastly, with this system, you’ll be able to constantly find a ton (and I literally mean a ton) of different exercises/workouts to do, thus allowing you to get more and more new ways to challenge your muscles.

Check out the company’s Workouts Page to see just how creative you can really be while using the Gorilla Bow Travel as your go-to fitness workout system.


Inside each package users will find: their Gorilla Bow Travel Fitness System (Travel Model), a total of four (x4) included Double-Wall Gorilla Bands (one 10 lbs. band, one 20 lbs. band, one 30 lbs. band, and one 50 lbs. band), an included Gorilla Bow Accessory Case (the bow’s band carry case) that’s equipped with a Spring-Clasp Cord Lock Closure and Drawstring, and a Gorilla Bow Band Wrap.

Box Contents
Box Contents


The Gorilla Bow Travel is a collapsible and portable resistance-training fitness system that’s ultra-durable and super lightweight, featuring an ultra-modern design and a maximum tension of 350 lbs.

This is a great portable fitness workout tool for any fitness enthusiast out there that spends a good part of their time (or most/all of it) constantly on-the-go, as it can be seamlessly used between shoulder, chest, leg and core workouts.

Gorilla Bow Travel
Gorilla Bow Travel

With this ingenious fitness system, you can get some of the best home workouts of your life, even if you’ve been going to the gym for years.

Furthermore, this resistance-training fitness system is already so challenging with its basic tension/resistance bands that you really won’t even have the need to use its intermediate-level and expert-level heavy bands when you start using it. As such, this system is guaranteed to be able to allow you to build muscle, burn fat, and ultimately tone your body to stay in shape.

Lastly, it’s worth to mention that because of how useful and versatile this fitness workout system really is, this ultimately ends up proving to be a very smart investment that’ll empower you with a more modern way of staying fit.

From the moment you get this, you’ll be super happy with the crazy amount of workouts that this fitness solution can provide you with, and you’ll probably be very excited to use it while you progressively astonish yourself with better and better results. So, it’s highly recommended that you give this portable fitness system a proper look.

The Gorilla Bow Travel is currently available in two different color models: Black and Green.

Gorilla Bow Travel - Available in 2 Different Color Models
Gorilla Bow Travel – Available in 2 Different Color Models

If you’re interested in buying the Gorilla Bow Travel Fitness System, the Basic Bundle is currently going for $250.

However, there are some more complete bundles available as well, and those are the Heavy Bundle costing a total of $283 (which comes with a few more tension/resistance bands), the Ultra Bundle that’s priced at $322 (which includes even more tension bands and some extra protective accessories), and the Total Bundle going for $397 pet set (which includes everything from the other bundles, even more tension bands, and a travel case for the bow itself).

You can order whatever bundle you like the most right now, directly from the company’s official shopping page, which you can access by clicking any of the bundle’s corresponding links, or ultimately, by going to the main page for the Gorilla Bow Travel.

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