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    Noteworthy Ways to Enhance Autumn Life

    With the fall season ushering in fresh cool breezes, mother nature in spectacular display and all things pumpkin spice, it also presents an array of seasonal shopping opportunities—whether to treat yourself for a life being well lived or to get a jump-start on that holiday shopping list that’s looming large.  Happily, the marketplace is buzzing with brands eager to ease and enhance your autumn season.  Amid the abundance of innovation, what’s truly worth “falling” for? Here are a few notables that are sure to satisfy.

    Porsche Design Men’s Cupsole Sneaker 2.0 (
    The latest generation of the legendary Cupsole Sneaker, the Porsche Design Cupsole 2.0, is not only great-looking but also top-quality. With a clean design and superior craftsmanship, this fab footwear is made of exclusive coated box skin leather with a carbon-coated topline. The rugged leather upper is water-repellent and resistant to wear, dirt or other effects for an exceptionally robust and eye-catching casual shoe. The lightweight rubber sole with an subtly integrated support function picks up on the Dual coloring to round off the modern design. Perfect for the modern man’s aesthetic, this sneaker’s combination of premium-quality materials results in a footwear option offering both timeless style and long-wearing comfort. High-contrast panels in dual leather offer a material that will transport you to the track, while slight texturing and a subtle shimmer give it the look of hot asphalt in the summer. As for materials, the shoe’s upper leather is 75 percent high quality calf leather and the inner material is 100 percent high quality calf leather. The sole is 100 percent caoutchouc—a natural rubber. This footwear exemplifies Porsche Design’s clear design philosophy: to optimize function, reduce the form right down to the essentials and overcome the familiar to continually discover new and exceptional solutions. It’s the vision that inspired founder Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche to create the legendary Porsche 911 and now the same principles that have driven Porsche Design since 1972.

    Copyright/Courtesy of: Porsche Designer


    Joie de Viv Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry (
    Joie de Viv is a Miami-based, woman-owned company that designs delicate, yet modern, jewelry that’s feminine, fierce. The line notably features ethical, lab grown IGI-certified diamonds and recycled 18 Karat gold. Collections are also named for, and inspired by, real women who have been important in the life and career of designer/owner Vivian Weyll. There’s just nothing like a timeless pair of diamond studs, and Joie de Viv’s Gabriela Diamond Stud Earrings are a remarkable option. These classic, 18 Karat round diamond earrings sit elegantly in a four-prong setting with comfortable push back posts. Simple and stunning, they are perfect for every day wear and can be effortlessly dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Wear them alone, or pair them with other beautiful treasures.

    Copyright/Courtesy of: Joie de Viv


    Another of my personal favorite Joie de Viv pieces is the Olivia Bridged Diamond Ring. Twin bands of radiant gold encircle your finger, which are punctuated by a liner setting boasting seven ethical IGI Certified VS+ clarity diamonds. Revealing gorgeous geometry at every angle, this is a modern classic piece and a perfect complement to addition to any jewelry collection. The company’s ethically grown diamonds are 100 percent traceable and its use of reclaimed metals helps decrease the global demand for newly-mined gold. The Joie de Viv lab-created diamonds are premium quality (D-H color / VS+ clarity) and consciously sourced from suppliers who follow socially responsible, conflict-free practices. The company’s 18 Karat gold is famous for its rich hue and beautiful luster that pairs elegantly with its diamonds plus a wide variety of precious stones. Adding a little extra je ne sais quoi, each piece comes beautifully ensconced in the company’s signature Joie de Viv’s uniquely illuminated box, with an IGI certificate included.

    Copyright/Courtesy of: Joie de Viv


    Casely Stylish Smartphone Cases (
    Casely is an online tech-accessories retail destination based in the heart of Brooklyn, New York, serving young style mavens all over the world. Buy just one case, or subscribe to their Club for the easiest way to refresh your smartphone style on a regular basis. One design in particular that I like, which also provides maximum iPhone protection, is the Bold collection Stuck on U Festival Sitcker Case that comes in two different styles depending on the level of protection you would like. The company’s Bold collection version features a black background and, if you prefer a more lightweight and sleek case, the Classic collection with a clear background is the perfect choice for you. The sticker accents make for an eye-catching display to amp up any outfit. Whether you are planning on going to a rave with your friends or simply a night out on the town, this iPhone case will shine on its own without detracting from your own look.

    Copyright/Courtesy of: Casely, Inc.


    Also adorable from Casely is the Pink and Gold Metallic Waves Case, which offers style and security wrapped up in one. The snug fit will protect your phone from the inevitable drops and falls while still being an uber-stylish accessory. The gold waves mesh beautifully with the pink backdrop to create a feminine look that will turn heads and make a splash. This Blush Pink and Rose Gold Metallic Waves Case also offers fully responsive embossed buttons and a black ridged grip zone, perfect for maximum coverage while ensuring a solid grip. With Casely’s superior absorption technology and the multi-layer backing design, you won’t have to compromise safety for looks or looks for safety. You’ll have both

    Copyright/Courtesy of: Casely, Inc.

    Intellibed’s Sleep Genius Smart Base & Gel Matrix Mattress (
    Get a better night’s sleep with a revolutionary Gel Matrix mattress from Intellibed—an established sleep and wellness company dedicated to helping consumers get quality sleep through innovative solutions. All Intellibed luxury mattresses feature Gel Matrix technology—an engineering phenomenon that was originally used in professional medical environments to bring comfort to burn and long-term patients. It is designed to provide both a firm and soft sleep surface at the same time, so partners never have to compromise. Gel Matrix technology also provides maximum back support, spinal alignment and pressure relief to deliver the optimal sleep surface.

    Copyright/Courtesy of: Intellibed


    Intellibed significantly adds to the sleep experience with their newest product, the Sleep Genius Smart Base, which was developed following NASA research to help astronauts  sleep in space. It actually treats sleeps issues rather than just tracking them. In addition to providing the most comfortable sleep experience, sounds played through a six-speaker soundbar were designed by neuroscience, music therapy and sleep experts to activate and regulate the brain’s sleep centers for increased sleep quality and duration. The sound bar also features revolutionary Haptic Pulse letting you feel the music and action of your favorite movies, video games, and concerts. With it, you’ll experience the screen action like never before as your bed vibrates to every T-Rex footstep, volcanic eruption, car chase and driving musical beat. Also noteworthy is its innovative Sonic Massage feature using sound waves to create a stress-reducing, spa-like massage. This results in increased blood flow and circulation, so you get a better night’s sleep. Plus, it integrates with a home’s technology ecosystem, connecting with platforms like Amazon Alexa and Google Home for a more complete and comfortable experience.

    Copyright/Courtesy of: Intellibed


    REM Ritual CBD Sleep Supplement (
    There’s sleep and then there’s sleep and perhaps nothing is more important to our health and wellness. REM Ritual capsules from Baseline Wellness are a nightly dietary supplement product created to support the body’s natural sleep cycle, using short and long action ingredients for sustained rest. The foundation of this and all the Baseline products is full-spectrum CBD and a unique liposomal delivery system. The company encapsulates hemp extract rich in terpenes, CBD and, in this case, also melatonin into liposomes shown to significantly improve the bioavailability. Further, Baseline Wellness uses a whole plant extraction process that yields all of the synergistic cannabinoids, terpenes and other natural compounds of the original plant. Plus, melatonin has a short half-life, which may be an issue for some who have difficulty staying asleep. And, because it is in a liposome, not only do users get the enhanced absorption, they also get the slow breakdown of the liposomal wall structure and an extended release that takes the half-life up to up to six hours as a result. This effective REM Ritual blend includes 25mg full-spectrum CBD, combined with melatonin, which regulates sleep-wake cycles. Melatonin, when taken with magnesium (which is also included in each capsule), is a highly effective sleep aid for falling and staying asleep. Additionally, magnesium is effective in regulating the body’s neurotransmitters and ultimately calming the nervous system. In addition to both of these regulators, REM Ritual contains jujube extract—otherwise known as the red date—which is used in traditional Chinese medicine to help calm the mind and relax the body.

    Copyright/Courtesy of: Baseline Wellness


    StemCell Revive Skincare (
    StemCell Revive is the first in-home facial and skin treatment kit to use stem cell science targeting skin treatment at the cellular level. It’s an all-in-one skincare solution designed to stimulate cellular regeneration while lifting, tightening and moisturizing facial skin. The kit includes a StemCell Revive Pen, which is a nanotechnology used to apply serums to the skin; Intensive Allograft Skin Serum derived from non-embryonic stem cells that stimulate natural regeneration and repairment of complex tissues at the cellular level; Polypeptide Skin Serum that includes amino acids to tone, lift and tighten the skin; and Hyaluronic Essence, which moisturizes skin for a youthful, glowing appearance. The treatment takes only 20 minutes to apply at home and is non-invasive, painless and requires no recovery time. The StemCell Revive Skin Treatment Program was developed by Majara Belisle, founder of Las Vegas’s Espri Laser Med Spa. Belisle has been providing a wide range of skin care treatments to clients for many years and, in 2017, began working with non-embryonic stem cell derivatives and her own proprietary formula of all-natural peptides to develop innovative new skin rejuvenation treatments. The resulting formula and technology, StemCell Revive, brought her clients such remarkable results that Belisle partnered with leading biotechnology companies, including Amnio Technology, to further develop the product as a consumer in-home skin care kit. StemCell Revive is hypoallergenic, not tested on animals, and is a Food and Drug Administration regulated biologic.

    Copyright/Courtesy of: StemCell Revive


    LumiCharge LD Dimmable Nightlight with Speaker + Phone Charger/Dock (
    The LumiCharge LD is a multi-purpose device that serves as a dimmable nightlight, wireless speaker and phone charger and universal phone dock compatible with all phones. It’s smart LED lights can be used for relaxation or travel and is a great addition in the living room, bedroom or outdoors. With a a creative and modern design, not only is the LumiCharge LD a functional LED night lamp, but it’s also a multi-functional bluetooth speaker as well as a convenient place to charge your phone—an all-in-one workstation providing an array of conveniences. It has a patented universal charging dock and 10W fast wireless charger, so no matter what type of cell phone you have it’ll charge with ease. You can even swivel the charging base to have phone in either horizontal or vertical landscapes. Plus, its smart-home integrated, so users can control the light colors and brightness through Alexa or Google Assistant; and there is a mobile app as well with which you can turn the lights on or off. Plus, the multiple colors of the LED Lamp are easy on the eyes via brightness control. The clock feature’s display with dimmable backlight syncs time automatically once connected through the mobile app as well. You can even add an optional rechargeable battery. With the universal charging dock, users can even juice two devices at the same time.

    Copyright/Courtesy of: LumiCharge


    LumiCharge II Dimmable LD Desk Lamp with Charging Station (
    Also from LumiCharge is the LumiCharge II, which is a dimmable, multifunctional LED desk lamp with on-board universal phone charging station, fast wireless phone charger, motion sensing night light with date time calendar display and more. This eye-friendly LED Lamp for all ages has elegant touch-sensitive buttons that enable users to adjust multiple color modes and brightness levels to match every mood or activity setting. It’s perfect for working from home, crafts and  hobbies, the makeup vanity and/or for use as a traditional office desk lamp. Plus, you can charge multiple devices simultaneously on the built-in connectors and wireless charger. The LumiCharge II features a wide-angle lighting option with adjustable arm design and is coated with antibacterial high gloss paint for safety. Whether you are a student, business owner, crafter or simply someone who likes to read before going to bed, you’ll appreciate all that this lamp has to offer. It functions as a night light, reading desk lamp, or general area lamp. It even has a USB port to charge an additional phone or watch. It’s LED lighting system contains three different hues and ten levels of brightness, ensuring that you have the lighting that you need for any setting. Its built-in motion sensor turns the night light on when you enter a dark room, ensuring that you don’t run into anything while in the dark. The smart LED display conveniently shows you the time, date, day of the week and temperature. The LumiCharge II can also even remember your last LED Light color and brightness setting and turn back into that setting. ALso great looking with modern sophistication and an overall minimalistic presence, this lamp will add a functional and stylish touch to your space.

    Copyright/Courtesy of: LumiCharge


    Steeped Coffee (
    Steeped Coffee is an innovative startup that is committed to premium coffee, convenience and environmental stewardship in equal measure. What sets this company apart is its proprietary brewing method that does not require machines or brewing equipment, meaning its coffee is prepared much like tea. Steeped Coffee options come in single-serve bags that are nitro-sealed to ensure absolute freshness. It’s a uniquely “unplugged” coffee experience, from the award-winning packaging made using non-GMO filters and compostable and renewable materials that ensure there are no wasteful plastic pods accumulating in waterways or landfills. All it takes to brew a perfect cup is hot water and a few minutes. Best of all, each Steeped Coffee packet contains hand-roasted, ethically sourced, Direct Trade coffee that’s precision ground to showcase the distinctive flavor profile of every crafted blend. Whether you’re looking for light, medium, dark, French roast or even decaf, they have something for you. Steeped, Inc. works with over 125 specialty coffee roasters to share its technology and brewing method around the globe. The proprietary Steeped brewing method delivers 100 percent freshly roasted, precision-ground specialty coffee pre-portioned within Steeped Full Immersion Filters. It is the simplest way to make a perfect cup of coffee by just adding water, with no machine needed.

    Copyright/Courtesy of: Steeped Coffee


    I do, however, adore Steeped Coffee’s Fellow EKG Electric Kettle. Red Dot Design Award Winner, this beautiful kettles feature a stunning minimalist design paired with the modern precision of variable temperature control. With variable temperature control functionality, just turn the knob to select your desired temperature ranging from 135°F to 212°F, and the EKG does the rest. No more guessing degrees. An on-board LCD Screen allows you to set and see the precise temp and view the “real time temperature” with an illuminating element to show the heating progress.  With its hold option, a toggle on the back can be switched to HOLD mode, allowing the kettle to maintain your desired temperature in either Fahrenheit or Celsius for 60 minutes. It’s great for when your hosting or easily forget when you turn the water on. When the toggle is not in HOLD mode, the kettle will go to sleep after reaching the set temperature. After your water has heated, use EKG’s built-in brew stopwatch to perfectly time your extraction.

    Copyright/Courtesy of: Steeped Coffee


    HALO Face Mask (
    HALO Masks—durable and reusable with replaceable filters—are made from anti-bacterial and hypo-allergenic materials…a design reportedly backed by independent testing by Nelson Laboratories, a leading provider of microbiological and viral testing and analysis. As demonstrated in such independent lab tests, HALO Life’s exclusive Nanofilters are shown to block harmful airborne particulates, capturing a remarkable 98.8 percent of virtually all airborne pathogens and contaminants at the 0.3-micron level and 99.37 percent at 0.1 microns. HALO’s sleek proprietary design provides a uniform seal on any face, while the mask’s ultra-thin filter allows maximum breathability and protection. In testing, HALO Nanofilters proved effective at capturing over 99% of airborne particulates and pathogens down to 0.1 microns. By comparison, the novel coronavirus measures approximately 0.125 microns in diameter. For maximum protection the company recommends weekly replacement of filters for people in direct daily contact with the general public or people with higher-risk conditions. For regular and occasional use, replacing the mask filter every 2-4 weeks should keep it fresh and functioning efficiently, according to the website. In each HALO Mask there are up to 15 miles (24 km) of nanofiber in each woven Nanofilter. The unique structure of this “invisible matrix” physically captures virtually all airborne particles and pathogens—from smoke, dust, pollution and pollen, to bacteria and viruses. Additionally, Halo Masks and nanofiber filters are tested and certified to Nelson Labs standards to 99.7 percent particulate efficiency at 1.0 microns, which exceeds N95 standards.

    Copyright: HALO Life


    SEAS Cooling Face Cover (
    Also for the health and wellness-minded this fall are SEAS Cooling Face Covers. Made with award-winning, athletic Coolcore fabric, this high quality protective gear is designed for optimal coverage, comfort and coolness—30-degrees Fahrenheit below body temperature. The company’s Relaxed Fit approach is loose forming with extra breathing room, and their Steamlined design is small and sleek. Plus, the Traditional Mask has a contoured front seam for extra comfort. The Athletic Mesh fabric is a double layer cooling towel fabric that is chemical free and moisture wicking. And, its thermoregulation fabric also offers protection from UVA and UVB rays (30-plus UPF rating). The Relaxed Fit with Filter and Traditional with Filter also have a PM2.5 carbon filter insert. All styles come in several colors and fabrics and additional accessories include filters, nose bridge inserts and hook and loop head straps. A blank, write-on label on the inside allows users to personalize so there’s no confusion among folks with the same color cover. SEAS, which are made in Los Angeles, are washable and reusable, and do note they are non-medical face coverings and are not intended as a PPE.

    Copyright: Sea to Me


    SneakERASERS Instant Sneaker Cleaner (
    The SneakERASERS Instant Sneaker Cleaner is a quick, convenient and effective solution to removing scuff marks from white mid-soles on shoes. The “athleisure” trend is in full force and white-soled sneakers are finding their way into a wide range of outfits for every situation and occasion. But they’ve always been impossible to keep clean. SneakERASERS gives you a portable, convenient way to touch-up your kicks, wherever you are. They are pre-moistened, so they are ready to use without the need for a sink. Keep them in your glove compartment, purse, carry-on luggage—wherever you want to keep your favorite pair looking like new. The white side simply removes all the scuffs and dirt, while flipping it over to the ultra-soft shammy side will wipe it clean. The Instant Sneaker Cleaner makes pesky scuff marks and dirt stains instantly disappear from the soles and midsoles of your shoes and sneakers via quick, effective and convenient miracle erasing sponges. Just buff gently for maximum cleaning power as the softer and smoother you swipe, the easier the marks come off. For best results, just avoid rubbing in or adding pressure. Each sponge comes pre-moistened and will only do their job when wet, so each comes individually packaged as such for portable cleaning purposes. Just add water if the sponge begins to dry. Also, the smoother the sole, the longer the sponges last. During use, the white side of the sponge will naturally disintegrate, so use the orange side to quickly swipe away any remnants off your shoe. It’s a great way to leverage unique dual-layer technology—powerful micro-scrubbers and proprietary cleaning formula—that are specially-designed to remove tough marks, scuffs and dirt on any sole.

    Copyright: FTI Brands


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