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Mason Man Skincare Facial Cleanser, Shave Cream & After Shave

Mason Man Skincare is a high-quality and trustworthy brand of premium facial skincare products for men that are mainly focused on bringing dudes an effortless and efficient daily skincare routine to keep their facial skin looking fresh, clean and ready to go out and about.

Archer Components D1x Trail Electronic Shifter – Wireless Shifting System

The Archer Components D1x Trail is a programmable wireless electronic shifting system that adds high-performance wireless shifting to your bike's mechanical drivetrain, simplifying shifting like you've never experienced before. With it, you can transform your bike's mechanical drivetrain into a high-performance electronic shifting machine that's digitally tuned and capable of shifting ultra-smoothly. Overall, this electronic shifting system is very, very good. It shifts super-smoothly and reasonably fast, and it is also very precise with almost no thumb pressure required, thus making shifting much more effortless than when using a mechanical shifting system. One other great thing that makes this electronic shifting system so cool is its ability to switch from say 11 speed to 12 speed with the same derailleur. Last but not least, the fact that this electronic shifting system is compatible with any rear derailleur on almost any bike models ultimately makes it one of the electronic shifting systems that you can currently get.

FoodMarble Aire Digestive Breath Tester – Portable Breath Analyzer Device

The FoodMarble Aire is a compact and ultra-portable breath-testing device that works together with its Smartphone Companion App, and you can use it as your personal digestive tracker to find exactly what types of food are most compatible with your unique digestive system. With it, you can better understand all of your body's digestive issues in a very simple and convenient manner, all by simply using the FoodMarble Aire Digestive Breath Tester to analyze your breath after eating a meal. Overall, this is a really handy gadget to have around for anyone that commonly experiences /suffers from regular digestive disruption.

4 Tech Gifts for Father’s Day

If you're looking for a gift for Father’s Day, make dad's day extra special with one of these four amazing tech-related gifts and put a smile on his face.

What Is the Best Percussion Massage Gun in 2021?

Having a Massage Gun for recovery purposes is great, as these wonderful tools allow anyone to do some at-home physical therapy for muscle recovery.

Nexvoo Health Adjustable Desk Chair w/ 3D Armrests & Health Monitor

The Nexvoo Health is a fully adjustable ergonomic breathable desk chair that comes equipped 3D Armrests which also integrate a built-in Health Monitor for tracking your heart rate, blood oxygen level, and your fatigue index. Overall, this fully adjustable ergonomic desk chair is very, very comfortable, and thanks to the smart integration of its 3D Armrests' built-in Health Monitor, you can conveniently track some of your most important health vitals at any time of the day by simply using the Nexvoo Chair App via your Smartphone. With it, you can have an ergonomic chair that's designed to keep you comfy and keep your whole posture properly supported during multiple hours of sitting at your office desk while simultaneously allowing you to easily keep an eye on your overall health throughout your working hours.

Owlcam Classic 5 – AI-Powered Car Security Camera System & Dashcam

The Owlcam Classic 5 is an AI-powered car security camera system and dashcam equipped with high-end infrared sensors for an enhanced night vision functionality that enables both live view and video recordings at any time of the day, which can all be automatically saved on a Cloud via LTE connectivity by using simple voice commands. Overall, you're offered both a Driver-Facing and a Road-Facing cameras that can automatically record high-quality HD video and audio at pretty much any time, which not only has you notified via a Smartphone alert but also has the possibility to automatically be saved to a cloud immediately after recording, and that goes for both any potential car accident, or even during a potential car-theft. With it, you can be much safer while you're on-the-road, whether you're simply being pulled over, or in worst case scenario, if you ever find yourself in a potential road accident.

COROS VERTIX – High-End Waterproof Multisport GPS Adventure Watch

The COROS VERTIX is an ultra-durable GPS Adventure Watch that features a revolutionary touchscreen, a 150-meter Waterproof Rating, an ultra-bright backlight, a long battery life, and many smart Tracking features, including a smart 24/7 Blood Oxygen Monitoring function, a Track Mode for running, and a Training Mode for accurately measuring any workout activity that you're looking to do. Overall, this is a very sturdy GPS Adventure Watch that comes packed with a tone of smart tracking features and a cool smart Training Mode that can be used via the Coros App, thus making the VERTIX  the perfect adventure-ready timepiece for those who prefer to train and workout while exploring the outdoors.

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