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Capt’n Cook OvenPlus Salamander Grill – 3-in-1 Pizza Oven, Grill & Gas Cooker

The Capt'n Cook OvenPlus Salamander Grill is a 3-in-1 multi-function kitchen appliance that can be used as a pizza oven, as a smokeless grill and as a gas cooker. This is the perfect combination of a pizza oven and a smokeless grill, working as an oven, grill, and gas cooker that can all be used at the same time. As such, it's a great cooking gadget to have around at any time, whether you're looking to grill a steak and enjoy your weekend alone, to cook and bake some pizzas or to steam a nice seafood risotto for family and friends, or even to take with you on a nice camping trip so that you can quickly cook some delicious meals while you enjoy the outdoors.

New Zealand: the Country with a Talent for Leisure Inventions

When it comes to new leisure inventions, the people from New Zealand are definitely pioneers in coming up with new leisure ideas.

Feeder-Robot – Wi-Fi-Enabled Automatic Pet Feeder & Food Dispenser

The Feeder-Robot is a Wi-Fi-enabled automatic cat feeder and dog feeder that allows pet owners to monitor and control their pet’s feeding habits right from their Smartphone. With it, pet owners have a reliable and bullet-proof way of controlling their pets' diet and feeding habits, as well as a convenient way to always feed their pet's a small and healthy portion of pet food whenever they're still away from home, whether that means they're still stuck at the office finishing some extra work hours or out for a quick run to do some groceries shopping.

The Ultimate Guide to CBD Tinctures

CBD oil tinctures are a popular option for trying CBD, and luckily, they have become incredibly easy to find. Here's everything you need to know about it.

The Latest Advancements in the CBD Tech Field

Using CBD as a natural way of improving health and wellness is not a new concept. There is even evidence of hemp being used as far back as the Ancient Greeks.

Logitech Circle View Wired Video Doorbell – Apple HomeKit-Enabled

The Logitech Circle View is an easy-to-use wired video doorbell that features HomeKit Secure Video with Face Recognition, best-in-class Logitech TrueView video, 160° FoV head-to-toe HD video with HDR, and color night vision to capture every last detail.

ISOtunes XTRA 2.0 Earplug Bluetooth Headphones – Perfect for Loud Jobs

The ISOtunes XTRA 2.0 are durable and easy-to-use wireless Bluetooth earplugs that feature a secure neckband, convenient magnetic eartips, a built-in controller, and up to 11 hours of battery life. Thanks to their great durability, easy-to-use built-in touch controls and a long battery life, along with their support to Voice Controls via the Google Assistant or Siri, the ISOtunes XTRA 2.0 Earplug Bluetooth Headphones are the perfect pair of wireless Bluetooth earplugs for any worker that regularly on-the-move.

Stryde Bike – Affordable High-End Studio-Quality Interactive Fitness Bike

The Stryde Bike is an affordable and budget-friendly high-end studio-quality interactive fitness bike that gives you constant access to live-streamed indoor cycling classes from USA's top fitness studios right from the comfort of your home.

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